Mid-Life Crisis Slots

You're getting closer to middle age, you've been in the same job for years, you've been in a stable relationship for as long as you can remember and everything's just becoming so boring. It's time for a mid-life crisis! That's exactly what Mid-Life Crisis! the slot game is designed to celebrate. This slot shows off many of the standard components of a good mid-life crisis. Whether you want to go out and buy a fancy boat, a motorcycle, a hot tub to soak in or you want to do something a bit more extreme like sky diving, each of those things is represented through a unique symbol in this 9 reel slot. They're bright, vivid and nice to look at and the appearance as well as the theme are good at drawing new players in, but are the features enough to make the slot worthwhile to play? That's what we aim to figure out. Below we'll break down what this slot offers and whether it's a good option or not.

Limited Betting Variety

With just 9 paylines and limited maximum coin values offered there's a pretty definite limit to the amount you can bet in Mid-Life Crisis. Risk a minimum of $.01 with just a single line and low value coin, or max your bet out at a top of $11.25 with 5 coins on each of the lines set to the top $.25 value. High rollers won't give this slot the time of day, but players that wouldn't bet more than the maximum anyway can still have some fun here.

A True Jackpot Opportunity

With so many slot games offering jackpots offering just a few thousand in profits, Mid-Life Crisis stands out as a hero in this category with an absolutely stunning offer. Get five of the sports car symbols while playing this slot and you'll actually be rewarded with a shiny new sports car. If that's not your style you can opt for the cash instead, and you could receive as much as $100,000 from the game. This special feature only activates on paylines that are maxed out though, so bet the limit on each payline that you activate to avoid missing out.

Pick Your Poison

Mid-Life Crisis offers a special bonus game opportunity as well, giving you the chance to make a whole lot of decisions that could net you as much as 4,000 coins or $1,000 cash. This feature activates when all three of the different women are on the reels of the slot. It doesn't matter if they're on active paylines or not! Once they show up it's up to you to pick the right option for all presented to you and if you choose right you can choose another option as well. This continues until you ax out your choices and win big or you make the wrong choice and get knocked out of the bonus round.

Mid-Life Crisis is a unique slot game that's based around a theme that many people are very familiar with. It's the perfect way to relax at the end of the day and packs a real punch in terms of features and top jackpots. After all, how many other slot games will reward players with a brand-new sports car in any color they would like?