Cash Bandits 2 Slots

Playing by the rules is the way that most people live their lives, but it's not the way to play this slot game. In Cash Bandits 2 it's time to embrace your inner villain and to try and snag as much cash as you can for yourself. The game is about a group of thieves trying to steal as much as they possibly can, and players will be challenged to try and unlock as many bonuses and jackpot payouts as they can while playing through the rounds, and there are plenty of winning opportunities available! This slot game is the sequel to the popular Cash Bandits slot game, and it has a few tricks up its sleeve that we're about to dig into.

Setting a Bet

Betting is the first step in any slot game and the bet amount used is an important decision to make in Cash Bandits 2. The minimum bet is a measly $.01 which is perfect for players that don't want to risk much, it doesn't make for very large prizes though. The maximum bet across all 25 paylines is $6.25 per spin, which makes things much more interesting. Players should decide on a bet amount that they are comfortable with while keeping in mind that larger bets mean bigger prize opportunities.

Solid Standard Game Wins

At the heart of Cash Bandits 2 is a solid standard game with plenty of fixed jackpot payouts. These jackpots won't make players rich, but they can keep players in credits to keep gambling with and will occasionally pay out large sums as well. Even without any of the special features it's possible to significantly increase your bankroll in Cash Bandits 2.

Grouped Wilds

Cash Bandits 2 is well-known for offering clusters of wins at the same time, creating an environment where several small wins are expected. That's because of the clustered or grouped up wild symbols. Wilds rarely come in their own, and instead players are greeted by a whole cluster of wilds all out on the reels at once. This is a huge opportunity to really rake in the prize money and they can show up at any point.

Super Exciting Bonus Round

The standard gameplay in Cash Bandits 2 is enough to keep things interesting and to help players win a lot of cash, but the game is really all about the special feature known as the Vault. This special feature is triggered by three or more scatter symbols, and it creates a really big winning opportunity for players looking in to rake in some serious cash. At the beginning of the round players are tasked with entering codes into a bunch of different vaults. The codes will determine how many free spins are offered and what multiplier is attached to them as well. It's possible to get as many as 170 free spins with a 19x multiplier by getting the best possible vault combinations during this special round.

Cash Bandits 2 is a significant slot game with a lot of features to back it up. It doesn't hurt that it's nice looking either, or that it has a fun theme. Most players that try the slot enjoy what it has to offer, and with massive wins coming in from the Vault bonus game it's no wonder that players keep coming back for more.