Reels In Slot Games?

Every slot game has reels. Some of those games might have different ways to produce prizes, such as the cluster pays slot games from NetEnt. These require groups of matching symbols to appear, rather than getting a line-up on consecutive reels.

However, is there an upper limit to the reel set you could play on? We decided to check out the options.

Three-reel options

Three-reel slots are the origins of the slot game. You cannot have fewer than three reels, otherwise you don't get the depth you want in a game. This number of reels gives you a nice single-payline slot. You might also see other payline quantities in some games - three or five lines, for example. These games are ideal for those on smaller budgets who don't want to bet on lots of lines.

Five-reel options

This must surely be the most popular (or at least the most common) number of reels around today. Lots of slot games are released each month that feature five reels. It's enough to provide lots of options and bonus features if the developer wants to include them. Paylines and ways to win can be fitted into these five reels. It's the ideal scenario in many ways.

Six or more reels - too many or not enough?

There comes a point when adding more reels to a game makes it more complex than it needs to be. Cluster pays games can get away with more reels because they pay in a different way. Mind you, those games tend to use a grid - maybe 7x7 or 8x8 for example - rather than using proper reels.

We've played a few six-reel games that have worked well. Some have had a separate sixth reel that behaves in a different way to the rest. Others use six standard reels, with a chance to win more if you get up to six identical symbols on a line. That is one advantage of more reels.

We've only ever discovered a couple seven-reel slots, and they have left something to be desired. They didn't feature bonus elements, so they were largely disappointing. They were older games too. Perhaps the game developers tried them and decided they were too big?

Whatever you think of slot games, there comes a point where too many reels will become problematic during play. What is your ideal number and why?