Dr WinMore Slots

Dr. Winmore is a brand-new slot offering from Realtime Gaming that combines beautiful graphics, a fun combo system and loads of different prize-winning opportunities. All these different features blend together nicely to give you an exciting game that’s a load of fun to play around with. Give it a try for yourself and you’ll quickly see just how much fun the game has to offer.

Clever Game Design

On the surface this slot game looks really simple. It only has a few buttons to press before you get started and the game doesn’t even utilize paylines. It’s more complex than it seems though. Prizes are paid out in a cluster system, and any wins that you get explode and clear away space for additional symbols to drop down and hopefully give you another win as well. Each time you get a win and new symbols drop down the multiplier will go up by one and if you get multiple wins in the same round through this drop-down feature the multiplier can continue climbing up to 6x where it will stay until the round is finished. This feature can result in some impressive prize payouts if you get a big enough cluster and several different wins in a row.

A Modern Video Slot

This slot game is a modern video slot that doesn’t include the elements of a progressive jackpot like many of the other casino games available today. That means you can enjoy the flashy graphics, the unique multipliers and other bonus features, but there isn’t a progressive jackpot payout for you to win.

Uses a Cluster System Instead of Paylines

There are no paylines in Dr. Winmore. Instead, this slot game uses a cluster system to reward its prizes. That means you’ll be trying to group together paying symbols and you won’t have reels or lines ot worry about with every spin. Look for groups of symbols and those will determine just how much prize money you win.

Simple Wagering

The wagering system for this slot is as simple as possible. There’s a single set of arrows to raise and lower your wager amount. Use the arrows to adjust your bet to a level that you’re comfortable with and then spin the reels. The wagering range is decent, though some high rollers might be disappointed with the upper limits of this game.

Moderate Prize Payouts

The biggest win you can get from this slot game from a single combination of symbols is 300x your total wager amount. That’s a sizeable prize payout, but it’s not as large as many of the progressive jackpot games that we see today. Even still, if you place down a large enough wager you can walk away with a big prize payout from this slot.

A Low Volatility Slot

Even though the prizes are smaller in size, this slot game is still worth playing because it’s such a low volatility option. The slot pays out prizes frequently so you can count on getting wins regularly when you’re trying it out.

Our Real Rating

We took our time testing all the different aspects of this slot game and overall we were pretty impressed. Even though we wish the game had more bonus features and larger prize payouts, the impressive drop-down feature and multipliers as well as the beautiful animations and symbol designs helped us to fall in love with this slot game. We decided to give it a 4.3 out of 5.0 stars. The only downsides are the smaller prizes and the lack of additional features, but most players won’t mind those issues at all.

Winners Play for combination Payouts

The big wins in this slot game aren’t massive enough for players to wager for a single win. Instead, serious players wager for a combination of wins using the drop-down feature. This feature can lead to a cascade of prize payouts with increasingly large multipliers. With the 6x multiplier active it’s possible to trigger some substantial prizes while playing this game.

No Bonus Rounds

Most other modern video slot games showcase some sort of special bonus rounds that help break up the game and give you something to look forward to as you spin the reels. There aren’t any special bonus rounds to unlock while playing this game. Instead, you will be playing for cascading prize combination sand spin multipliers. They keep you in the same base game, but give you a chance to get huge prize combinations in just a single spin in some instances.

Try it For Free

When you’re just getting to know this slot game there is no reason for you to wager with real money and risk your bankroll. Instead, you can test out this game for free in Demo mode. This special mode of the game allows you to test out the different features without risking real money in the process. You can load up the game and start playing in just moments and you’ll get the full effect of the game. The only difference is that you won’t have a chance to win real money when playing at the casino in this way.

Easily Swap to Real Money Wagering

Once you’re familiar with this game and you’ve tested out all its different features in free play mode we encourage gamblers to test it out using real money as well. It only takes a moment to go from wagering with pretend money to wagering using real money. Make the swap from one type of wagering to the other and start playing for real to try and win some big prize payouts.

Built for Mobile

This online slot game fits in with other modern offerings because it’s designed to run flawlessly on most mobile devices. That means you can play this game on your Android and iOS devices without an issue. It will run on most screen sizes and looks good when played at a variety of different resolutions. When you want to gamble on the go you can enjoy this slot game from anywhere you like.

Dr. Winmore is an enjoyable slot game if you aren’t too concerned about using different bonus features and free spins like other games offer. The big wins come with help from the cascade feature and you’ll find yourself hoping for combinations of prizes as you play. It’s a beautiful game and very easy to use, and it’s those things that make us love this slot game.