Dragon Feast Slots

Dragon Feast Slots

When you're ready to hit the hottest birthday party around, you'll love what you find on the reels in Dragon Feast Slots, a five-reeler from SpinLogic with 25 paylines. You'll have a shot at winning up to 100 free spins with 100 extra wilds in the game, and the mystery symbols give way to some memorable prizes. Ready to learn more? Check out our guide to Dragon Feast right here, or head to a SpinLogic casino to bet.

Pay Your Cover Charge...or Don't

The party on the reels in Dragon Feast Slots doesn't require a real-money wager since the game's available as a demo, but bettors willing to pay their figurative cover charge will find coin sizes ranging from $0.02 to $5 per line; the per-line stakes translate to real-money bets ranging from $0.50 to $125 per spin.

Unwrap the Gifts on the Paytable

No party's complete without presents, and the paytable in Dragon Feast Slots is a gift to gamblers who are paying attention. Among the game's high-paying symbols, look for the birthday king, a Purple Dragon, the Green Dragon party guest, his gift-toting sister, a Pink Dragon, and the dancing Blue Dragon. Now that you've got all that, additional standard symbols in the game include a Cupcake and playing cards ten through ace. Below, check out the game's -really- good symbols.

The Giftbox in Dragon Feast is the game's wild symbol, a standard substitute, while the colorful Question Mark is the mystery symbol; these icons can reveal stacked versions of any symbol in the game, including the wild. Players will also see Blue, Pink, and Green Lollipops, which trigger the game's bonus features.

Turn the Music Up on the Bonus Round

Like understanding that parties aren't the same without music, seasoned slot players know that the reels aren't as fun without bonus rounds. In Dragon Feast, you will find just one feature, but it's a doozy, and you can trigger one, two, or three at a time. Read on to learn more.

  • The slot's Free Games Feast begins when you see at least one Blue Lollipop, which awards nine free spins. Every additional Lollipop on the reels adds one more free game, and up to 100 freebies are available.

  • Triggering the Free Games With Jackpot Chance in Dragon Feast awards seven free games when you spin at least one Pink Lollipop. Every additional pink Lollipop increases the odds of a jackpot, and you can win multiple jackpots at a time.

  • Finally, the Free Games With Wilds feature begins with at least one Green Lollipop in the play area. Initially awarding seven free spins, this feature offers 15 wilds to start and 15 more for every Green Lollipop that appears; after hitting 75 wilds, expect to hit the max of 100 with the next.

An Open Invitation to the Reels

When you're ready to head to the birthday party of a lifetime, don't miss your chance to trigger all three Dragon Feast free spins features simultaneously—along with their associated jackpots. Head to your favorite SpinLogic casino to play today.