Fish Catch Slots

Fish Catch is a new type of slots game that does not have set paylines although there are reels. This game has five reels and players can place bets ranging from $0.01 up to $2.50. The setting for the game is deep in the ocean where many different fish live. There are small colorful fish, medium sized fish and large sharks that fill the screens of this game. Players should definitely take advantage of the play for fun mode before embarking on a real money version of the game.

Random Mermaid Wheel Bonus

Initially the player needs to choose a fish, and this will be the fish that he is aiming for unless he upgrades to another fish. A weapon is then given to him and with this he needs to harpoon or catch the fish. The more fish he catches, the greater the payout he receives. Each fish has an amount associated with it. The larger fish offer greater payouts. The player can upgrade to different weapons and fish as the game progresses. There is an extra feature that can be triggered at random, the mermaids luck wheel. This will randomly show a mermaid on the screen and the player gets to shoot the mermaid and can win up to 250x the bet placed with the mermaid random feature. Fish catch slots is a new style slots game and players will need to get used to the idea of catching fish on each of the reels and once they have, they will come back for more and more.