Frog Fortunes Slots

Frog Fortunes is a newer slot release from Realtime Gaming that has a pretty unique design compared to other games we've tested in the past. The game is entertaining in short and long sessions, and we knew we had to do a full review after doing a quick playthrough. Our results were mixed, and we'll explain down below why this game will be right for some and wrong for others.

RTG Created This

RTG or Realtime Gaming is the company behind this slot game. It's no wonder that the slot offers superior graphics, cool features, or a right blend of winning opportunities you won't find with many games. This slot game is just one of the hundreds of quality offerings from the developer and is included on most RTG casino sites.

A Video Slot

This slot game is a real video slot that doesn't have any classic elements to it. Sure the prize payouts are small, but the game uses a cluster payout system instead of paylines. The slot comes with special bonus features for frequent prize wins, and it has cool animations that give it a modern feel.

Frogs and Ancient Symbols

This game features a variety of gems and different ancient symbols. It's set in the middle of a forest, and it has a mix of nice animations that help bring it to life as you play. You'll feel like an ancient explorer that's uncovering relics from the past as you play this game, and it gives it a relaxed feel that will keep you wanting to discover more.

243 Ways to Win

Forget about paylines; this slot has none. Instead, you get 243 ways to win with each spin. You spin the reels and can win from all sorts of different cluster combinations. Turn those reels and hope for the best, and you'll be surprised by just how often you come away with a nice prize win. That's one of the perks of playing this game. The system also makes wagering easy because you have fewer settings to adjust.

Wagering for Low Stakes Players

This game is targeted at low stakes gamblers and nobody else. You can bet between $0.25 and $6.25 per spin, and that's the limit. No high-rollers will want to play this game, and many mid-level players will skip it because of the low limits. Low stakes gamblers may be disappointed because they will only have 11 settings to adjust through when placing their wagers, which isn't that much flexibility for the players that like placing very exact bets on slots.

Utilize Autoplay

This game comes with an autoplay feature that allows you to spin the reels without pressing the spin button over and over again. Just press Autoplay and then set it to spin for as few as five spins and as many as 100. It only needs a single press of the button to open the menu and a spin selection to turn the feature on. To turn it off prematurely, you press the stop button.

A Boring Paytable

There's nothing exciting about the paytable for this game. The maximum win is pretty small, and they get much smaller quickly as you go through the list of winning symbols. It's clear that you won't get rich off a single win of this game and that you'll be playing for combinations if you want to leave richer than when you started.

We Love the Bomb Feature

This game comes loaded with bomb symbols that drop down frequently and blow up the symbols around them. Instead of erasing the symbols, the bomb transforms them into one randomly selected symbol. A single bomb will change a cluster of between one and six surrounding symbols along with itself to a matching symbol. The more significant cluster changes increase your chances of triggering some excellent prize payouts, but even small explosions lead to wins frequently. The bombs fall nearly every other spin, and they are the key to regularly winning with this game.

Cascades Create Winning Combos

Bomb wins lead to the cascade feature being activated. When you get a win caused by a bomb symbol, that win erases the reels and is replaced by new random symbols. Those symbols can create new winning combinations and lead to a chain reaction of wins as a result. This is why the slot is so well-known for chains of wins and what most gamblers look forward to when spinning the reels.

Demo it First

Before you play with real money, you can try out all the features of this slot in play mode. Use this game's Demo mode to test its features without spending money. The game operates with a play money balance while in Demo mode. You'll get familiar with what it feels like to play this game, and you can decide if it's right for you before you risk your own money on it.

Try Real Money Wagering

Any players that want the full experience of playing this game will have to try it out in real money mode. This mode allows you to place wagers with your own money and win real cash prizes as well. It's more exciting to play this way, and it's an option that every serious player should test at least for a short period.

Small Wins are the Norm

Smaller prize payouts are the only type of win you'll get from this game. The best play sessions are the sessions where you win long strings of prizes while playing. They'll have you looking forward to spinning the reels and will have you wanting to come back for more.

A Terrible RTP Value

This slot has one of the worst RTP or return to player values that we've seen in a long time. The value is just 92.31%, which means that nearly 8% of your money is lost to the casino as you play the game. This value is much lower than the 96% offered by many other slot games and is one of the largest weak points of this game.

Mobile Players Have Options

This slot plays on most devices smoothly. That includes tablets, smartphones, and computers. You can effortlessly swap between devices and continue playing this game without downloading any software. It is clear and smooth on different screen sizes and will mostly feel the same to play on any device.

Our Slot Rating

After reviewing the game, we had to give it a rating of 2.8 out of 5.0 stars. We like the slot, it's fun to play, but the value isn't there. The game is entertaining, and we love the bomb and cascade features. We wish it had other bonuses, though, and that the prize payouts were larger.

Frog Fortunes is entertaining and good for some gamblers. It's not a great value, but it is entertaining. If you want to win often, you'll have fun with this game. If you would like to get a good value from your slot or play for big wins, this isn't the slot for you.