Icy Hot Multi-Game Slots

Icy Hot is a hot and cold slot game that works like two separate slots. When you play you're actually spinning two 3x3 reels and you'll win separate prizes on each of them. No games look like this one, which is why we recommend it. This game doesn't just work like two separate slots though, the two sides work together in some instances and lead to some exciting features.

Just 10 Paylines

There are only 10 paylines between the two sides. That isn't a whole lot of winning opportunities for you to take advantage of. Even though there are few lines you'll win more than you expect. You can wager a low of $0.10 per spin up to $10.00 per spin at the high end.

Prize Wins Happen Often

We were surprised by how often you get a win while playing this slot game. When spinning you'll get wins nearly every time you spin. The feature helps you win more often, so you always have more prizes to collect. It isn't perfect, and many of the wins will be smaller than your wager amount, but it still feels good getting some wins while you play.

Wilds Can Be Shared

Our favorite feature in Icy Hot is the shared stacks of wilds. If you stack them all the way up wilds appear on the other side in the same spot. This results in spreading wilds frequently, and lots of winning opportunities.

A Powerful Maximum Payout

You won't get rich from this game but you could win up to 50,000 coins in a single spin while playing. You must get several powerful prizes at the same time to win this amount, or you could win a series of prizes in the free spin bonus round.

A More Potent Free Spin Bonus

Getting three or more scatters gives you 12 free spins. If you get scatters on both sides at once you can get up to 24 free spins. The bonus plays at the wager amount you already have set and doesn't have extra features in it. This feature gives you more chances to get some wins, but other than that it plays like the base rounds.

Spin the Bonus Wheel for Exciting Wins

If you align three wheel symbols up you can play the bonus wheel feature. This special feature gives you the chance to spin for an instant prize payout that's between 4x and 100x your wager. It's possible to unlock re-spins during the bonus. This bonus feature is also how you win the jackpot.

Experience a New Kind of Game

If you want to experience this unique slot try it in demo mode and see why it's so interesting and why we rated it highly. We adore the slot because it isn't like the others.

It Can Be Played on Mobile Too

Most modern slots work on mobile phones. You can play on a tiny screen with good results. If you want to experience the slot on the go, play it on your favorite compatible casino account while using your phone. Forget about downloading apps to play Icy Hot, it works in the browser.

Icy Hot Multi-Game is one of the only slots we've tried that are actually two slots in one. Few slots have the unique features and split design that this does.