Instant Play or Download

When you visit any online casino, you will see one, two, or both of the following options for playing games. You might need to download their software - always available to do free of charge - or you might choose an instant play option. The latter works with Flash to ensure you can play games in whatever browser window you have open. Some casinos offer both options, so you can choose whichever one suits you best.

But which method is the best one to use? There are some elements it pays to know more about before you decide, so we thought we would dive into those now.

Instant play means you can play on any computer

If you choose the instant play option, you can simply log in and begin play whenever you are ready. If you own a desktop and a laptop, you can do this on either machine. The same applies when using a tablet.

If you chose the download version, you'd need to download the software on each device to be able to access the casino.

Some casinos only offer their complete collection of games via the download version

While they often give you both methods of access, you'll sometimes find there are far fewer instant play games to choose from than if you downloaded the full casino. This varies from site to site, so be aware of it and check before deciding.

You only need to download the software one time on your computer

If you choose to download the casino software, it doesn't take long to do. Once it is complete, you will never need to download it on that machine again. So, if you only ever play casino games on one computer, this might be the easiest and most convenient way to go.

Flash games work with any browser you use

That is great to know, because you won't need to change browsers to make the most of the games you are offered. Some casinos might say the games work best using a set browser, but this isn't always true. Again, do check before deciding which way to go.

Once you know what to expect from a downloaded casino or the instant play option, you can decide which option will be ideal for your needs. We're all different, so you should take a moment to decide how best to access your favorite casino games.