Lucky Last Slots

Lucky Last is an odd name for a slot, don't you think? But despite the slightly odd wording, this is a game based on luck, so it does make some sort of sense. You will probably guess the kinds of icons you will see here, like the horseshoes, the leprechaun, and the toadstools, for example. Yes, this looks as though it has been themed as a luck-based game, and one that uses some Irish good fortune too. But will that luck come your way?

How many reels and lines are in play?

You will see a familiar game here, in that it has five reels and those present you with 25 lines.

What can you bet on the slot?

One cent to one dollar - those are the outer edges of the coin values in action here.

Does Lucky Last have special icons?

Many slots boast one wild, but few have two. This one does, though. Look out to see whether you can spot gold coins as you spin those reels. There are two that look very similar, but for the message written on them - one says Lucky, while the other has… yep, you guessed correctly… the word Last on it. One shows up on the first reel, while the other might be seen on the fifth one.

The scatter - yes, there is one of those too - is a lucky shamrock. Will that prove lucky for you in triggering some scatter prizes? Let's hope so.

Can you reach one or more bonus rounds?

Can you guess what the trigger is for winning seven free spins? If you were thinking about a Lucky coin on reel one and a Last coin on reel five, you got it right. Seven is supposed to be very lucky, so we hope it pans out that way for you. Better yet, if you find those same two coins in the same way you did originally, you get more free games to play as well.

Download and play Lucky Last now!

This is certainly a 'reel' lucky game, and we hope it proves to be one of the luckiest ones of the lot for you. If you love good luck slot themes, this one is a great one to try. Maybe you will find some good fortune by spinning four or five matching icons onto a winning line.