Ways to Win Slots

Lots of slots have paylines, but not all do. If you've tried a few slots by now, you might have encountered ones that offer ways to win instead. These are great games that are worth playing - once you know how they work.

You get more ways to win than you'd get with paylines

The most paylines we've seen on slot games - and these are rare - are 100 lines. Most have no more than 50, and those aren't very common.

When you try ways to win slots, you'll realize most have at least 243 ways to win, depending on how many reels and positions there are in play. Some have 1,024 ways to win, and maybe even more than that.

Some slots have bigger formats to accommodate more ways to win

The format is our term for the number of reels there are and how many positions appear on each one. So, if there are five reels and each one has three positions, we'd call this a 5 x 3 slot. For more ways to win, you'd need a game to have more positions on those reels. So, you might see a 5 x 4 format to give you additional way win possibilities.

The minimum bet is still affordable every time

With paylines, you'd choose a coin to play on each one. You might play one cent on each of 30 lines to give you a 30-cent minimum bet. But with ways to win, it's different. You won't need to bet on each way win. If you are playing a 243 ways to win game, you won't play a cent on each one, i.e. a $2.43 bet. You'd play as if there were 30 or 40 lines in play, which would make the minimum bet 30 or 40 cents per go. This varies according to the game you're playing.

Will you try some ways to win slots today?

These take some getting used to, but the more you play these games, the more you realize how good they are. If you are prepared to have more ways to win with each spin you make, you'll need to make a minimum bet per spin. If you are happy with that, you will find these games are a lot of fun and offer you far more chances to win with each spin. It certainly livens things up, as you'll see.