Dancing Wins Slots

Dancing Wins is a new release by Realtime Gaming that combines the fun of Disco Dancing with the intensity of frequent prize payouts, and the potential combo wins offered by an ongoing bonus round. This game is lots of fun to play, and it's a slot that's worth testing if you like winning regularly. There are some limitations to this game, though, and we'll get into those down below. Learn what makes this game stand out and more with an overview of this game in our review.

Crafted by RTG

RTG or Realtime Gaming is the company responsible for this slot game. As one of the top-tier development companies in the casino world, it's no wonder that this slot stands out for its quality. We were surprised at the lack of bonus features in this game, though, considering many of the other casino games put out by RTG.

A Disco Party Slot

It's time to start partying with Dancing Wins, the online slot. This game is a funky disco party that's packed with fun and colorful symbols. Disco dancing girls spread out on the reels, and it's clear that you're supposed to be having an enjoyable time and dancing while you play this game.

Designed for Simplicity

There aren't many adjustments to make while you play this slot. Other than selecting the wager amount you want, you only have to think about things like the speed you want the reels to turn when you play this game. With the simple layout of this game, it's easy to pick up and start playing, even if you aren't familiar with the game's features.

A Standard Video Slot Experience

There are several types of slot games. This game is a basic video slot with features like free spins and wild symbols. It doesn't offer a progressive jackpot payout like some games, so you won't get rich off a single prize win. With that said, it offers frequent winning opportunities and is an exciting game to play.

The Paylines Aren't Adjustable

There are 50 total paylines in this game, which gives you a decent chance to win a payout or two. You will be limited in the wagers you can place because of the fixed paylines, though, and you'll have to wager more at a minimum than many other slot games offer as well.

Enjoy High Wager Limits

Though this game forces you to bet at least $0.50 per spin at a minimum, it offers high-rollers more room to breathe. They can wager up to $250.00 per spin. That's a whole lot of cash, even if you have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on a single play session. This is good news for players that want to bet big, but the high minimum wager might be enough to scare off some gamblers considering this slot.

Small but Frequent Wins

When glancing at the paytable, things look pretty relaxed with this slot game. The biggest win you can unlock is worth 8,888 coins, and that's for five wild symbols. Other than that, it's possible to win 1,000 coins from a few symbol combinations, and the other prizes are much smaller. This slot doesn't make its players wealthy through a single win. The game gives out frequent prizes and can also trigger some nice prize combinations too.

A Rewarding Free Spin Bonus

The Disco Ball symbols are the key to unlocking the free spin bonus round of this slot game. Get three or more of them, and you'll unlock between 8 and 88 free games. No matter how many symbols you get, you can trigger additional free spins by getting three or more Disco Ball symbols during any free spin. Each re-trigger gives you an additional three free games and increases the prize multiplier by 1x. During the free game bonus triggered by three disco balls, you can get up to a 9x multiplier on your prize payouts from re-triggers. If you unlock the free spins bonus with more than three disco balls, you can get the multiplier up to 10x for some serious wins.

We Don't Know the RTP

While we don't yet know the RTP or return to player value of this game, we believe that it's generous because of our experience testing this slot. Payouts come frequently, and we enjoyed lengthy play sessions without too much in losses at the end. With that said, without a specific value, we can only guess at the value of this slot.

Our Rating

After fully testing out this slot game, we decided to rate it a 3.5 out of 5.0 stars. The slot is generous and enjoyable to play, but it lacks features that other slots come loaded with. It only has a single bonus round and has the number of paylines fixed in place, limiting the wagering options significantly.

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Try it in Demo Mode

If you want to test this slot, but you aren't sure you're willing to spend real money on it, you can play for free in Demo Mode. This special mode of the game lets it run in your web browser just as a real-money version of the slot would. You can try out each of the features of the game offers and get more comfortable with this slot game in the process. Stop worrying about spending money and try the features of this game for free.

Play Using Real Money

If the free play version isn't exciting enough, you can change the game to function with real money as well. This is when things get very interesting as an online gambler. You can win thousands of dollars from this slot game, as long as you join an online casino and donate real money to your account. It only takes a few minutes to make one of these accounts, and once you have it, you will be ready to place wagers and more. Get used to this slot game ad you'll quickly see that it has a lot to offer.

Try on Mobile

Gambling on the go is easier than ever before, thanks to excellent mobile support. This slot will run on Android and iOS devices as well as standard computers. That means that you can bring them with you when you go places, and you can have fun playing on mobile no matter what you do with your time.

Dancing Wins is an entertaining slot game that offers frequent payouts and a generous free spin bonus game. It's not perfect, and we wish it has more bonus features and more wagering flexibility. This game is still worth trying, though, and it works on mobile and can be test-played for free if you're interested in getting to know its features.