Rave Riches Slots

With so many different slot games available to play today, it's difficult finding one that really stands out. Rave Riches has a unique theme and comes with a few nice features as well. This game doesn't look like many of the other slots available today, even when sifting through the massive library of games produced by Realtime Gaming. We dug into all the aspects of this game to find out what it does well and what it could improve on, and we share all those details below for any interested gamblers that want to learn more about this game.

Made by RTG

This game was crafted by RTG or Realtime Gaming. The software is designed to offer smooth performance, excellent mobile compatibility, and other advanced features that you would expect from a large software company with years of experience. It's part of a massive library of slot games and is an excellent option for players that like the theme of the game and want something exciting to play with.

A Modern Interactive Slot

This slot is simple to play, but it comes loaded with just enough modern features to keep it interesting. It showcases beautiful graphics and animations and has multiplying wilds that will have you hoping for big wins with each spin you complete. This slot doesn't have any progressive jackpot features, though, leaving us to designate it as a standard video slot.

A Rave and a Slot in One

This game is a rave turned into a slot game. It has bright flashing lights, loads of neon, and intense sound effects. The animations used on the symbols of this game will make you feel like you're at a party. Our only criticism of the game is its lack of music. It should have more music than short winning sound-effects. Other than that, this slot is a lot of fun, and it makes the most of its theme.

No Paylines Used

There aren't any paylines at all in this slot. That means that you won't have to decide which lines to activate or not as you play. Instead, the game pays out across 243 different possible patterns per spin. These patterns are in lines, clusters, and different designs to make the game interesting and increase the frequency of wins. If you play the game, you'll notice you unlock prizes frequently while spinning.

High and Low Stakes Wagering

The wagering for this slot is designed to work for a wide range of gamblers. There is only a single set of buttons to use for adjusting your bet up and down. Players can go as low as $0.30 per spin, and they can gradually increase their bet amount up to a staggering $150.00 per spin depending on how much money they have available to wager with. Choose a bet amount you're comfortable with and enjoy all the features of this slot at that level.

Wilds Come with a Multiplier

Wilds sometimes appear on reels two and four during the standard spins of this slot game. Those wilds can stack up and increase a player's chance of winning in a big way. The special wilds also come with a 2x multiplier during the standard rounds of the game, and they can make paytable wins much more exciting overall.

Stacked Wilds Free Spins

This game comes with a free spin bonus that also makes use of the stacked wilds that appear. Three or more scatter symbols are the trigger for this round, and you get to pick one of five different spin combinations to determine how the bonus round plays. The bonus is filled with stacked wilds, and those wilds feature a multiplier worth between 2x and 8x, depending on the option you select. You can have up to 15 free spins with a 2x multiplier or five spins with an 8x multiplier, but there are other options in between those two extremes. Getting three or more scatters during the bonus round will trigger the same number of spins again with the same multiplier you decided on.

Utilize Autoplay

This modern game comes with an autoplay feature. The feature is simple to activate. To use it, you press the auto spin button, then select one of the spin options from the drop-down menu that appears. It's possible to activate as few as five spins and as many as 100, and there is an infinity symbol that will cause the slot to spin for as long as you have money available. Choose an option wisely and enjoy the convenience of a slot that turns the reels for you.

Set the Speed

There are two speed settings in this game, fast and slow. Adjust them by pressing the lightning bolt symbol. Two lightning bolts are fast, and a single bolt is slow. You can change this game setting whenever you like, but most gamblers decide on a speed they like and stick with it.

A Standard Paytable

There is nothing exceptional about the prizes on this slot's table. The top prize is just 750 coins, and the next best drops all the way down to 300 coins. There aren't many big wins to be had while going through standard spins in this game, and you'll rely heavily on wild multipliers to give you some exciting payouts to play for.

Small Wins with Occasional Big Payouts

Most of the wins that occur while playing this slot game will be small in size. Most gamblers will get a few smaller wins, and the lucky few will come away with massive prize-winning combinations. The best wins always occur during the free spin bonus round, and those wins are often achieved by getting several winning combinations in subsequent spins. If you're trying to win as much as possible, getting into the free spin bonus round is the optimal way to go about it.

You Can Test Play This Game

There are loads of slot games in the Realtime Gaming library, and it can be hard deciding which of the options you want to play and which you should skip over. Fortunately, this slot and many others like it are available for you to test play. If you're trying to choose which games to play, you can pick through the library and load a game into your browser to play for free. Take the time to become more familiar with the slot and its features, and eventually, you'll get more comfortable with its options and what you get from the game.

Play for Real Money Prizes

If you want to play for real wins, you can set the game up to work with real money in mere moments. As long as you have a funded casino account, you just choose to play for real, and the wagers you place will be using your real money balance. Playing with real money is just as simple as playing in Demo mode; you just have to choose the right option.

Take this Slot with You on the Go

This game, and many others crafted by RTG, is designed to operate on mobile devices smoothly. It loads in the web browser of an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet and plays just like it does on a computer. The high level of mobile support available to gamblers that play this slot makes it highly accessible and good for a range of different gamblers.

Rating this Game

We test played this slot over several sessions and got to know it and its features really well. During that time, we decided to rate it as 4.0 out of 5.0 stars. The slot has serious potential and can payout generously if you get lucky during the free spin bonus round. It's not perfect, though, and we wish it had better music and a few more bonus features.

Rave Riches is exciting, it's rewarding, and it's a slot game you won't forget. It isn't perfect for everyone, but gamblers that enjoy playing generous bonus games will have a good time with this slot.