Monster Mayhem Slots

Monster Mayhem Slots

Help to work the monster's towards total city destruction as they tear across a metropolis leaving wreckage in their path in Monster Mayhem slots. This comic-style slot game features two monsters, each doing its best to destroy as much as possible. The game looks really nice, with vibrant symbols that are all fully unique. It's fast paced, pays out wilds regularly and offers a wide range of features. Read on to learn more about the different features specifically.

Setting a Bet

Betting is a huge part of most slot games, and things aren't any different in Monster Mayhem. There are a total of 50 paylines, and you can choose to bet on as many or few of them as you like. With coin values varying from a low of $.01 and a high of $5.00 you have a lot of different betting options to work with. Choose between a low bet of $.01 per spin, and a high of up to $250 per spin to get just the right level of risk for your tastes.

Wilds are Everything

In Monster Mayhem the wild symbols are supremely important. That's because they substitute for everything, including the scatter symbols, which is almost unheard of in a slot. The monster wild symbols only appear on the first and last reels of this slot, and they are used to activate the very nice re-spin feature as well. Get a wild on each of the two reels and instantly unlock between 1 and 10 free spins to improve your game results.

The Re-Spins Feature

Get both monster wild symbols and trigger the special re-spin feature. This doesn't just give you free spins to enjoy though, it adds on additional bonuses to sweeten the deal. During the free spin rounds the wilds remain locked in position. There's also a multiplier that grows in intensity each free round that you go through, creating huge multiplier opportunities later on in a long streak of free spins.

Scatter Payout

Unlike many slot games today, the scatters in Monster Mayhem don't activate any bonus features. They do offer healthy prize payouts though up to 50x your total bet amount. With a top bet, that could be as much as $12,500 awarded with five scatters anywhere on the reels

Progressive Jackpots

Monster Mayhem features two different progressive jackpots, a minor and a major. Either of these prizes can be paid out at any time after a reel spin. They are triggered randomly and it's very common for the major jackpot to climb over $1,000 while the minor pays out in the hundreds most times.

Monster Mayhem is a fun comic book style slot game with excellent graphics and a lot of fun features that make it a blast to play. With all the different prize winning opportunities, it's a good game for everyone to play.