Are You Familiar With The Three Stooges II Slot?

Three Stooges II Slots
If you’re not, you really should be. This isn’t just a game for those who love Larry, Curly and Moe – it’s a game for anyone who really appreciates the idea of a great slot.

The screen has the familiar layout of a game from Real Time Gaming, yet when it comes to reels and paylines, there are some differences…

What’s the situation with reels and paylines?

Okay, so this one is slightly different. When we say there are only three reels, you might be expecting some disappointment. However, despite the fact there are only three paylines too, you’ll be surprised at what the game can offer.

Does Three Stooges II allow decent bet amounts?

You need to play all three lines here, yet the lowest bet is still only 10 cents per line, resulting in a 30-cent minimum. This can be increased to $3 at most, which works out to a dollar per line.

Are there special symbols to try and get on the reels?

There isn’t a scatter, but since there are only three reels this alone isn’t unusual. However, you will find a wild in the shape of the Three Stooges II logo. Get two of them and you’ll win 33x your bet, while three wins you the jackpot.

Does the game have a bonus round?

They’ve not only included a bonus round – they’ve actually included three! Each one is related to a particular Stooge, and you have to get three of a particular Stooge on the reels across a single payline to unlock the relevant round.

The rounds are Curly Cashola, Larry’s Stash and Moe’s Moolah. The first grants you 9 free spins with the added perk of a 2x multiplier as well. Larry’s Stash gives you access to the prize ladder on the main screen, and you can win between 7 and 20 free spins here. You also get a multiplier which could be between 2x and 7x the normal amount. Finally, Moe’s Moolah is possibly the best of the lot. It’s similar to Larry’s Stash, but now you have the chance to get up to 100 free spins. You’ll also trigger up to 10x multipliers, which adds to the excitement.

Download and play Three Stooges II online now!

This is a superb game regardless of whether you like the Stooges or not. Additionally, you could end up with some great prizes, so why not spin these reels today?