Multiple Coins Per Payline

How many coins are you happy to place on the payline of each game? That's a question that is worth asking before you choose a slot game to play. Some people only ever play one coin on each line, while others are happy to try playing more.

How much will each coin be worth?

That should always be your first question. Many slots make the cheapest coin a cent, while others demand a bigger bet per line. If you only ever play penny slots, make sure a new slot you find meets this criterion before you look at anything else. It will also affect the potential outcome when calculating your total spin bet.

What could your maximum comfortable bet be?

This might depend on your own preferences and on your budget. Will you happily play 20 or 30 cents per spin? Maybe you'd be happy to go up to five dollars per spin if you want to increase your bet amount.

Deciding on your maximum bet means you've got a better idea of how many coins you might play per line if you get the choice to play more than one.

Is there a reason to play several coins per line?

Prizes will be proportionately bigger if you do make larger bets. Of course, losses will be bigger too, so one balances out the other. However, some games do offer bigger prizes if you play several coins on a line.

The best example is with three-reel slots. These usually allow two, three, and sometimes up to five coins to be played on the line. While most prizes will be proportionately larger for playing more coins, the jackpot amount is usually bigger. For example, you could net 1,000 coins for a one-coin win. That would be doubled for two coins. But if you played three coins and hit the jackpot, you might find the amount you win is 4,000 coins or more. That's an example, but you can see how it works.

Looking at all this information prior to playing a slot makes it much easier to figure out which bet amount to go for. When you have all the information you need, you can work out whether you can play several coins per line. If so, you can also work out how many coins to play and whether there is a reason for doing so.