Popinata Slots

Popinata is a colorful slot game designed to celebrate Cinco De Mayo and all the pinatas that come along with that tradition. This slot game features a whole collection of vibrantly colored pinatas and they work together to create some very exciting prize-winning opportunities. The game is set to a dark and starry back drop that only helps the colorful symbols stand out even more as you play along.

Exploding Wilds

The Wilds in Popinata are an exciting set of symbols that create serious prize winning opportunities. Each time a wild appears on one of the reels, it bursts apart and fills up the entire reel. Talk about a dynamic symbol! Not only that, but once the wild expands it remains in position while all the other reels are spun around for an additional turn and another shot at winning prize money. The full-reel wilds create a huge number of prize winning opportunities, making it possible to unlock full combinations of prizes while playing through the rounds. Getting additional wilds on wild re-spin feature turn just adds an additional spin to the game while holding all the wilds in position. Out of all the features of this slot game, we enjoyed the expanding wilds the most.

No bonus or Scatter

While the wild feature in Popinata serves as an exciting special feature of the game, there really aren't any other bonuses available in this slot. There isn't a scatter symbol at all, which is pretty unique for a video slot today. Once you understand how the wild works, it's easy to paly through this slot game without any other surprises. That's another element of Popinata that we enjoyed, it adds a very powerful wild to keep play interesting, but doesn't rely on too many different features, helping to keep things relatively simple for gamblers. New players can hop into the game, get a wild and immediately figure out exactly how this slot game works.

Serious gamblers might feel like this slot game doesn't have enough features to keep them busy, but in reality there's a lot to like about Popinata. Sure it's a simple game, but it offers very capable wild symbols that will keep players moving and bringing in some seriously large prize wins as well. With top prizes in the thousands of dollars, even the low stakes players have something to look forward to while gambling with this slot game.