Christmas RTG Slots

There's something about Christmas that just brings back positive memories for us. No, we're not talking about time with friends and family, though that's nice too. What we're talking about is all the fun you can have with the many different Christmas themed slot games from Realtime Gaming. There are tons of top-notch slots themed after the holiday season and it's just a good time of year to be a slot gamer. Below are some our favorite Christmas slots from RTG, and there are plenty of others to enjoy as well.

Naughty or Nice: Spring Break

There's no better way to bring in the holiday season than with a pair of beautiful women on your computer screen. That's exactly what you'll get with Naughty or Nice: Spring Break, a leading holiday slot offered by Realtime Gaming. The slot is all about Santa having a good time and relaxing in paradise, and it will help remind you that the cold isn't going to last forever if you live in a northern climate.

Naughty or Nice Spring Break is a feature-rich online slot game that packs in two different free spin bonus rounds, two different random progressive jackpots, a set of wilds and some other perks. Both the Naughty and Nice girls count as wilds and will sub in for all but the scatter symbols. The scatters pay out up to 200x your total wager amount if you can get five of them at once, and getting three or more triggers the special bonus round. During the special bonus round you choose Naughty or Nice and enjoy many free spins with added perks that only improve your chances to unlock some seriously good prize payouts. Naughty or Nice Spring Break is one of our favorite versions of the online slot game, and is a great way to bring in the holidays. Give it a try and you'll see just how much it has to offer you.

Swindle All the Way

Swindle all the Way is more of your traditional Christmas slot game than Naughty or Nice Spring Break. The slot is set over a peaceful night with calm snowfall and a brilliant bright moon. It's a pleasant slot just to look at, but it offers some nice features as well. The game offers an impressive betting range of $0.01 to $250.00 depending on how much you have to risk. It comes with Autoplay and speed adjustments, and gives players a chance to unlock two different progressive jackpot payouts. The slot game offers mediocre prize payouts but has a very powerful free game feature. Get three or more scatters and you'll unlock between 3 and 60 free spins with a multiplier between 1x and 33x. Swindle All the Way is a fun Christmas slot about robbers and it's worth a playthrough or two.

The Nice List

If you're searching for a real feel-good Christmas themed slot game, The Nice List is likely one of the bet options. It has an old-fashioned look that just screams Christmas fun. Between the Christmas cookies and milk, the Nice List Christmas list, the beautiful helper girls and all the other carefully crafted graphics, there's a lot to like about the slot game. One of the most standout features of this slot game is the scatter, it's extremely powerful. Getting five scatter symbols will reward you with a 500x prize payout multiplied by your total wager amount, which is pretty massive. The game also features grouped wilds, and a powerful free spin bonus round. During that round you'll enjoy one of two different bonus sets. In the first set you get 15 free games with a 2x prize multiplier. In the second set of features you get 10 free spins and extras like expanding wilds, multipliers and additional free spins based on what choices you make about the different stockings. The Nice List looks simple on the surface, but is a rich slot game that's perfect for celebrating Christmas.

Naughty or Nice Slots

Whether you've been naughty or nice this Christmas season there's no doubt that you'll have a good time while playing the highly interactive Naughty or Nice? online slot game. This 50-reel video slot from Realtime Gaming features a variety of Christmas-themed symbols and packs in stunning women as well. What's not to like about this game! Wagers are kept smaller in size with a coin value range between $0.01 and $0.25 apiece, but prize payouts can get very large in size. There are several different special bonus features you can unlock while playing on this slot game, and there's also a progressive jackpot to unlock as well. With 50 paylines that are always active you'll uncover tons of prize payouts during your time with this slot, and who knows, one of them could be the big win that sets you up for the holiday season. Give this slot game a chance and see just what other gamblers have been raving about for years.

Return of the Rudolph Slots

The war between Santa and Rudolph is more intense than ever in this unique holiday themed slot experience. Return of the Rudolph slots game is played out over a total of 50 reels that are locked into the on position at all times. This leads to some absurdly rewarding prize payouts, but it also means that low-stakes gamblers are going to have to wager more than they may be used to while playing this game. Even though the maximum wager is just $12.50 per spin, it's possible to win tens of thousands of dollars from a single spin of this cash-filled slot game. This fun slot has Rudolph battling it out against Santa's thugs in a serious war, and there are several different special bonus rounds that are all themed after this intense battle. Between the fun symbols, the exciting bonus rounds and the massive prize payouts there is a whole lot to get excited about when playing this holiday-themed slot game. Take the time to experience it for yourself and you'll want to come back for more even if it isn't around Christmas Time.

The Elf Wars Slots

Celebrate Christmas this year by joining on the intense battle between Rudolph and Santa Clause. Rudolph has gone rogue and he's doing his best to topple the old man and his monopoly on Christmas, and now the Elves are involved in the fight! There are good and bad elves that will join in the fight at The Elf Wars along with a huge mix of funny symbols that will keep you interested in this slot long after other games have become a distant memory for you. This video slot is set on 50 paylines just like the others in the series, and it keeps wagers to between $0.01 and $0.25 per coin for bets between $0.50 and $12.50 possible depending on the settings that you use. Just like the other games in this series there are tons of bonus features to make use of. Play until you trigger one of these entertaining rounds and you'll walk away with a huge prize payout from free spins or other bonus features, or spend enough time and you might just walk away with the tens of thousands offered from the progressive jackpot payout. Either way it's sure to be an exciting gambling experience when you try out this slot experience.

The Naughty List Slots

There's nothing like celebrating the holidays with intense online slot gameplay, beautiful women in skimpy outfits and exciting prize payouts. You'll enjoy all of that and more while trying out RTG's slot game the Naughty List. This game is set across 50 paylines and it offers you complete control over your coin value and the number of lines in play. Because of this it's possible to wager as little as $0.01 and as much as $250.00 per spin when playing this interactive slot game. Whether you're a low-stakes gambler looking for some cost-effective fun or a high-roller looking to win the literal jackpot prize payout, you can have a whole lot of fun playing this slot game. There are free spin bonuses, choose your prize bonuses along with scatters and wilds in this slot game, and of course you'll enjoy access to all the advanced features such as Auto Play and reel speed as you play through one round after another of this slot game. Get to know the game and maximize your holiday fun as you uncover serious prize payouts with this Christmas slot.

Snowmania Slots

Crisp, clear and packed with exciting features, Snowmania is the type of slot game that you'll look forward to playing all year round. The game is set over a total of 20 fixed paylines and you can wager a low of $0.20 and a high of $20.00 per spin with this game. You'll encounter a range of cheerful holiday symbols such as a frosty snowman, mistletoe, carrots, gingerbread men, Santa hats and more when you play this slot game. The real excitement of this game comes from the win shatter feature. Every time you get a prize win the symbols will explode and new ones will fall down into their position increasing the prize multiplier for that round. Chain together several prizes during the same round with this feature and you can get payouts worth 2x, 3x or even 5x the standard amount. This is where the biggest prize payouts will come in and what will make this slot game so much fun to play around with. Try it for yourself and experience the thrill of multiple shatter prize payouts for yourself this holiday season.

Naughty or Nice III Slots

Tired of the chilly weather this holiday season? Ready for bikini-clad babes ready to suds up your ride and make sure you're having a very Merry Christmas? That's exactly what Naughty or Nice III is all about. Santa's gone on vacation in a tropical location and he's lounging on the beach with Naughty and Nice women at his side. The slot is set out over 30 paylines, and offers wagering options as low as $0.30 per spin and as much as $7.50 per spin. With a prize payout worth as much as 12,500 coins or $125.00 the jackpot won't make you rich but will certainly be exciting to play around with. The Naughty and Nice girls serve as the wilds for this slot game and they'll take up four of the five reels as they offer you different prize-winning opportunities and bonus chances. There are multiple bonuses to trigger while playing, along with a lucky bonus feature that you can use to win up to 10 free games. The slot is fun to play, the women are beautiful to look at and the theme is refreshing compared to all the chilly themes that holiday slots usually have to offer. Just don't let Mrs. Clause catch you playing!

Rudolph Awakens Slots

Rudolph Awakens is the fourth addition to the Santa's Revenge slot game series. In this game you have a chance to win up to 50,000 times your wager by getting the right symbol combination on one of the 30 paylines that are active as you play. The game showcases Rudolph breaking free from the frozen clutches of Santa and getting back to the battle once again. While playing this slot game you'll have a chance to unlock free spins, special bonus rounds and more all while having fun online. This slot game does away with the progressive jackpot prize payout that some of the other offer, but it gives you a chance at more bonuses than. Spin the reels and trigger one of the many different bonus rounds and you try to get a big win with this holiday themed slot.

If you're looking for a set of slot games to bring in the holidays, Realtime Gaming is the perfect software developer for the job. With tons of top-rated Christmas slots like the ones described here, you're literally spoiled for choice with what you play.