Slot With Multiple Paylines

While other slot game possibilities have arisen in recent years, many slots still use paylines to help work out winning combinations. You can try cluster pays slots and way wins slots too, but paylines still rule the roost as the most popular and frequently-used format for slot games.

If you want to know how to play a slot with more than one payline involved, read on. We've got all the answers.

Check the coin values per payline

Plenty of slots start off with a penny bet available per line. That is good news if you like cheap bets and have a small budget to work with. However, other slots might have a two cent, five cent, or even higher minimum coin bet. Be alert for the chance to find the best and most affordable slot to play to suit your needs.

Work out your total bet per spin if you cover all the lines

Remember, even a small coin value on each line can add up if you've chosen a game with lots of paylines. A two-cent minimum bet per line on a 50-line slot means you're going to bet a dollar on each spin. That could be too rich for some.

Are the paylines fixed?

Some games offer fixed paylines rather than giving you the option to choose how many you are going to play. We recommend you play all the lines of your chosen slot if you can. If you don't, you could end up missing out on prizes just because they appeared on lines you hadn't bet on.

If you want to cover all the lines, or you choose a fixed-lines slot, make sure you are comfortable with the total spin bet. Does it fit your budget? This is vital to know before you play for real. If it doesn't, look for a game that offers fewer lines to play on.

Go for a high RTP

This is another important aspect. A higher RTP won't guarantee you will win more, but it does mean the game will return a greater percentage of income to the players over its lifetime. It makes sense to choose a more generous game, don't you think?

Most slot players are familiar with payline slots. Whether you play games with one or more paylines involved, you can enjoy several winning chances with every spin. That's good to know, for sure.