Storm Lords Slots

The Storm Lords are chasing after you with their powers and now is the time for you to check out all that this fun game has to provide to those that are looking for a good time. If you are one of those players that want to check out what comes in this slot machine, then take a look at the extra fun that it provides, the Lords that are taking over the town and more. You might be surprised to see what is waiting for you there, including the big jackpot prize that follows along with the extras. Spin the reels and see where they land today.

Made by Real Time Gaming, you can expect to find the best possible outcome when it comes to using them and their quality gaming experience provided. Without the use of the right software company, playing the slot machine just wouldn't be the same.

Ways to Play

There are numerous ways to play when it comes to putting cash down on the table and winning some, but with the Storm Lords, you can actually check out the demo to play or even play for free when it comes to checking it out for yourself. This is one of the more exciting focuses to think about, especially if you might not be into the theme but want to see how the game works when you pull the lever and watch the slots go around the screen.

What to Expect From the Theme

The theme is a bit different from what you might expect to get from a Storm Lords game. When you open up the slot machine, you can expect to find an exciting array of extras that welcome you to the game. Fighting one another, this is the game that brings a lot of excitement to the screen if you are into watching a good game and seeing everyone fight one another in a hand on hand battle. It has a lot of lightning and thunder in the background, and a lot of punching that is happening on screen.

The game is designed to provide high flying action that gets your blood pumping, but also provides the excitement that you wouldn't be able to get from any other slot machine game that you come across. This is different from the fact that you cannot get the same type of game play from the other slots that can be played in the online casinos.

The Specifics of the Game

Those that want to know more about the game might be curious to know what they can get when they spin the reels. This is natural. Here are some of the specifics to expect from the Storm Lords when you play.

Slot Game Type: 5 reel, bonus, video slot machine game Paylines: 50 Max Bet: $50

Providing a decent payment structure for those that are playing, you can expect to win up to 70% back from the bets that you put down on the table or more. You can bet from 1 cent up to a dollar, providing you with the extras that you can get from the use of this slot machine that welcomes you to it.

Bonus Rounds Being Offered for Extra Fun!

There is a bonus round that is offered in the Storm Lords, so when you are fighting someone, you want to ensure that you are getting the excitement that comes from being able to cash in with the extras. Are you ready to start winning big?

The Treasure Coin Feature is one of the exciting things to think about when you land on the right amount of coins. Once this opens, you can then take advantage of the extra money in your account or the free spins that you land on. This provides the free spins that you want inside the game.

Mobile Gaming Options

Those that love to game on the go are easily able to do so with the use of the extra added bonuses that come from the use of this slot machine. Of course, you have to download the casino that it goes to on your Android or Apple phone. From there, you're easily able to take advantage of playing anywhere and everywhere that you choose to go.

Our Overall Rating of This Slot Machine

The slot machine is one of the best and providing a rating of 4 out of 5 because some of the extras can be provided with more, you can expect to have a good time while playing inside the casino. There are going to be many slot game winners that get the jackpots that come along with playing, providing you with a way to put cash into the game and get some cash back out of it. Now is your chance! Play for fun or with real cash and see how much you can win back!