Wu Zetian Slots

After testing hundreds of different slot games it’s rare that we come across a slot that actually surprises us and shows off a set of features that are brand new. That’s what we experienced with Wu Zetian though. This online slot game has a very unique reel setup that makes the game a whole lot more interesting. The slot features five reels, but it has a giant reel feature that randomly transforms two of the reels into a single giant reel where you will get a single symbol in place of four or six standard sized symbols. We just had to give this slot game a try after seeing how unique it looks, and we put together a complete report of our experience down below. This slot is something everyone should try out, but feel free to read through our review below to decide if it’s a game worth your time or not first.

An Oversized Reel

The very first thing that you’ll notice about this slot game is that it has a row of massive symbols that improve your chances of getting prize wins. This row features just one or two symbols at a time, and these symbols will work as two symbols in a row on many different paylines at a time. Because of this, the symbols that show on the giant reel are most likely to be involved in prize payouts as well. This oversized row shifts around the reels, and gives the whole slot game a very unique layout.

Simple Wagering

It will only take you a moment to get your wager set up before playing Wu Zetian. That’s because the slot game only offers a single adjustment to change how much you’re wagering. That’s the line bet value. You must wager on all 25 of the paylines, but you can adjust your wager per line between $0.01 and $2.50. That means that you are free to wager a low of $0.25 and a high of $62.50 per spin. This range is simple and comfortable for most players to play within, but it can be a bit low for high stakes gamblers to make use of.

Good Win Opportunities

Even though the pay table for this slot game makes it seem like payouts aren’t very large, there is a lot of money to be won from this slot thanks to the massive prize combinations that are possible when you play. Even though the top prize payout is just 400x your line bet, that doesn’t mean that you can only get 400x your line bet as a reward on a single spin. It’s possible to get that prize payout many times on a single spin, because of the giant symbols that show up on the reels. If you get a cluster symbol large enough you could effectively win the top payout of 400x your line bet on each of the 25 different paylines in a single spin. It’s possible to win as much as 50,000x your line bet in a single spin, which is a massive payout that anyone can get excited about.

Highly Rewarding Free Spins

There are quite a few bonus rounds in this online slot game, but the one that’s most exciting is the free spin bonus round. That’s because it gives you the opportunity to win a whole host of prize payouts. You can unlock massive prize winning combinations during this special feature because of how it affects your special giant reel. To trigger the bonus round you need to get between three and five gong symbols. You’ll enjoy five free spins and during those spins you’ll have an even larger oversized reel. The reel ranges in size from 3x3 to 5x3 in size depending on the number of gong symbols that you get to activate the round. If you are fortunate enough to get five of the gong symbols, you’ll have five spins where you are guaranteed to get a 5x symbol combination with every single one of your spins. That means you’re going to get a substantial win with every round, and you could walk away with thousands or even tens of thousands in prize money from the special round. Even if you get just three gong symbols you’ll win a bunch of 3x prize payouts and some 4x or 5x prize payouts as well during your five free spins.

Basic Auto Spin Button

Wu Zetian features an auto spin button that’s very simple to make use of. Simply press the button and the game will turn the reels for you from then on. The reels continue to spin for as long as you have money in your account and you leave the feature running unless you happen to unlock a large enough win or a bonus feature. If you’re interested in keeping the reels spinning and you want to walk away from a minute, this feature can allow you to do just that while playing the slot game.

There is a lot to love about this slot game, which is why it’s so important to test it out at least once. Give the game a try to see how the oversized reel feature works, and to truly experience the power of the massive combination wins that you can achieve with this slot game. It’s worth a playthrough or two.