Bao Ni 8 Slots

Bao Ni 8 is a newer slot game from Realtime Gaming. It packs a punch in terms of special features, but it looks dull on the surface. We thought the game was an interesting combination of features and graphics, which is why we did a full review of the game. It's not going to be the right slot for everyone, but it could be the right slot for you. To find out, look through our complete review of this game below.

A Realtime Gaming Creation

This slot game is a Realtime Gaming Creation, which is why it looks so polished. The slot might have some dull aspects to it, but the developers do a good job with the bonuses and the other special features that it offers.

Try it with Demo Play

Before wagering real money on this slot game it's possible to play it for free in Demo mode. The slot will load up and run just like it always does when you're spending real money, the only difference is that you can't win real money while playing in this mode.

A Plain Looking Chinese Slot

Even though the symbols are nice looking with this slot game, the overall style of the game is very dull. The reels are just plain lines, the symbols are pretty standard and there's no backdrop or anything special about the game. You get a bland looking game with minimal graphics and animations overall. If we had to decide whether to play this slot or not based on its appearance, we would skip the game for something more exciting.

A Simple Video Slot

It's difficult calling Bao Ni 8 a video slot at first glance. It has very simple symbols, just a few paylines, and limited prizes. The game is a video slot though, and it packs a real punch in terms of special features. If you can look past its dull exterior you could be one of the lucky gamblers that win big with this slot game.

Eight Fixed Paylines

There are only eight paylines and they are all fixed to the on position. This is surprising for gamblers that are used to a much larger number of paylines to wager with. If you're searching for a slot with loads of winning opportunities per spin, this isn't the one for you. This can make the game feel slower at times while spinning.

A Small Wagering Range

The betting range for this slot is lower as well. Most people won't be surprised by that since the number of paylines is minimal. At the low end, you can wager as little as $0.08 per spin and at the high end, it's possible to wager as much as $40.00 per spin. This is a good enough range for most gamblers out there, but there are high-rollers that will skip this slot for more generous options.

The Paytable is Greedy

Some slots are generous with their prize payouts, this one is very greedy with its prize wins. Gamblers can only win up to 388 coins during the base round from a single prize payout. The next best prize win is worth just 168 coins followed by 108 coins. These aren't wins that most gamblers would get very excited about, even when wagering the maximum amount per coin. Things get more interesting with the help from the bonus rounds though, which is what most players keep playing for.

ReSpin Your Wins

After getting any win at all in this slot, you'll get at least a single re-spin to try and win a larger amount of money. The winning combination is locked in position and the rest of the spaces spin. If you unlock a bigger win from the re-spin all the winning symbols get locked into position and you get another re-spin. Once you stop improving your win you unlock the entire prize payout, which could be an impressive amount of you go through a few rounds of winning bigger and better payouts.

Win A huge Prize Using Free Spins

The Free Spins symbols are really the stars of this slot game. That's because you can get up to 50 free spins by getting 15 of these symbols on the reels at once. During the free spins, you also have a chance to win bigger with a multiplier of between 2x and 10x on select spins. In order to trigger the multiplier, you must get a win and then re-spin your win and win again. Do that and you'll get between a 2x and 10x multiplier on the payout that you trigger.

Our Honest Rating

After testing out all the features of this slot game, we put together our final rating of the game and what you can expect while playing it. We decided to give this slot a 3.2 out of 5.0 stars. It's dull looking and the prize payouts aren't very impressive during the base game. The massive prize potential of the free spin bonus round along with the additional wins you'll get from the re-spin feature help to make this slot game worth playing at least once.

There are Some Major Winners

Most of the wins that occur while playing this slot game will be small in size. That's because the paytable only offers smaller prizes. That doesn't mean that you can't win big though. With 10x prize payouts possible during the free spin bonus round of this slot it's possible to win as much as 3,880 coins from a single prize-winning combination with this slot. That's a decent prize payout and certainly something to get excited about. There are also gamblers that win multiple big prize payouts during the same round for even more exciting wins.

Try the Game for Free

Before playing this game using real money, you're welcome to test it out for free. In fact, some casinos even allow gamblers to try the game out before they register for an account. Either way, it's possible to try out the features of this game and get a feel for how it plays before spending any real money on it.

Play with Real Money

For the maximum fun from this slot, you should really play it with real money. To do so, just join any compatible online casino, make a deposit into your account and start playing the game. You can wager high or low, and with some luck, you'll come away with a big win.

Play on Most Mobile Devices

This slot game is designed to work well on most mobile devices that you'll come across today. That means you can load it up on a smartphone, a tablet or any other device that you have laying around with a modern web browser. The slot loads right in the browser and plays just as smoothly as it does on a normal computer screen. That is one of the big perks of this game if you want to try wagering while away from home.

There are some things that we hate about this slot, like its dull appearance and the smaller prize payouts are given out. We absolutely love the free spin bonus round of this game though, as well as the re-spin feature that will trigger after every win. Even though there are several things not to like about this game, there are enough positives to make the slot worth testing out at least a single time in our opinion.