Emperor Panda Slots

Emperor Panda is a polarizing slot game that appeals to some gamblers and scares others away. We were immediately bored by its look, but this game hides some impressive features under its standard exterior. Follow along and learn more about the game's most important features and decide for yourself whether you'll love or hate this slot game.

RTG Created This Masterpiece

RTG, also known as Realtime Gaming, is one of the largest slot development companies in the world today. It's no wonder that this slot packs in some unique features and nice graphics as well. One of the reasons we decided to review this game was because of its developers, and we weren't disappointed.

Test this Slot Free

There's no need to spend money to get familiar with this online slot. Instead, you can choose the Demo mode and load it up right away. Do this, and you'll get a look at all the features of the game as well as what it feels like to play with a large balance of cash. You can still choose to wager at the level you prefer and access every single feature of the game in your journey to get comfortable with the game.

A Uniquely Themed Slot

Emperor Panda showcases beautiful jungle art with a variety of different animals appearing on the screen. Along with offering a mix of cool symbols, the game has a beautiful jungle backdrop and gives gamblers the chance to uncover expanding reels. That's right, the slot expands in different directions and creates unique winning opportunities. It's this unique feature that sets this game apart for us in terms of its style.

A Modern Slot Experience

At first glance, this game seems simple. It isn't. There are enough special features to keep every spin interesting. The slot has beautiful graphics, lots of paylines, and a dynamic feel to it with every spin. The only modern feature it doesn't have is a progressive jackpot payout. Even still, this game will capture your attention and make you hungry for another spin.

Bet on 50 Lines

Forget about adjusting the paylines to create the perfect wager amount. This game is loaded with 50 lines, and they're always on. When you play it, you'll be wagering on every single one of them. You'll frequently win as a result, but you'll pay for the opportunity. It's up to you whether this style appeals to you or not, but many low-stakes players will end up skipping over this slot because of its betting setup.

High Rollers Rejoice

To spin this slot a single time, you'll need a minimum of $2.00. The maximum wager is $200.00 per spin, which few will be able to fund. High rollers love this slot game because of the high wagering limits, and low-stakes players move on to other games after looking at its cost.

A Table Full of Small Wins

Gamblers that stick with this slot aren't hoping to get rich in a single spin. That's not really possible in Emperor Panda. Instead, you'll get lots of small victories. The most valuable symbol during the standard rounds is the Tiger, and it's worth up to 800 coins. That's hardly a life-changing sum to win. Wins frequently come though, and powerful combinations of payouts can really inflate your bankroll fast.

Golden Paw Free Spins

With enough luck, you'll get three or more of the golden paw symbols. If you manage to achieve that, you'll unlock the game's free spin bonus round. During the round, you start with six free spins, and the reels get littered with golden paws, pandas, and emeralds. You'll enjoy a better chance of winning than during any other time while playing this game, and each time you get over two of the paw symbols, you'll add on three more free spins.

The Jackpot Bonus Round

Along with a free spin bonus, this game also has a special jackpot bonus round with four different fixed jackpot prize payouts. You'll need 6 of the emerald symbols on the reels to trigger this bonus, and that's when things get very interesting. During this bonus round, you will try and get more emerald symbols to keep your three re-spins going longer. You can expand the reels to a 6x3, 6x4, or an 8x4 by getting emeralds on all four corners of the screen. This is also when you can win up to 250x your total wager amount, the largest prize payout in the game. This is the bonus round you'll be trying to unlock the most, though it's more difficult to get than the free spin bonus.

A 4 out of 5

After fully evaluating this slot game, we have to give it a 4 out of 5 even though we love most of the features it offers. This is because of the wagering limitations. Far too many gamblers won't be able to play the game, or won't enjoy the slot because of the stunted wagering options. Other than those limits, there's a lot to love about the game, and the bonuses keep things interesting every time you play.

Free Play is Accessible to Everyone

It's easy to play this slot for free if you aren't yet sure about spending real money on it. In fact, you should be able to do this at any RTG casino you play at. You may have to create an account at some to access the games, but it will load and operate in free play mode as long as you have an account, and you sign in. Create an account and try this game for yourself if you are interested.

It's Easy to Wager with Real Money

Real money wagering works smoothly while playing this game, and it only takes a moment to start playing this slot for real cash. To start, you need to make an account at a compatible casino and put real money into your account through a deposit. Make sure you use a bonus when you make your initial deposit. Once you do that, you can play for real money.

It Works on Mobile Too

We tested this slot on a few different mobile devices, and it always performed flawlessly. It works on Android and iOs products, and it runs just as well on phones and tablets as it does on a computer. Play on a device from the last few years and connect to a stable internet connection, and this slot will perform well.

Emperor Panda is a slot designed for high-rollers and mid-stakes gamblers. It's fast-paced, packed with lots of little payouts, and designed for maximum fun. The game isn't right for everyone, but if you enjoy the setup, you will love what you experience from this game. Test it for yourself if it sounds like something you will enjoy.