Shadow Gods Slots

And we bet you cannot think of the identities of those Shadow Gods, either. You’ll soon know more though, especially when every detail is covered in our slot game review here. We’ve played this title, we know everything about it, and we think you might be interested to know what it can offer. Treading a familiar path through a famous theme, what could the gods hold in store for you?

Developer details for the Shadow Gods slot game

This is the latest entry into an ever-growing collection of games produced by Realtime Gaming (RTG).

Does it come with the usual demo?

Yes, RTG doesn’t let us down here – they give us access to a demo to try that replicates everything in the standard version.

Can you figure out what the theme is?

Is it about the Norse gods? Maybe we are back in the world of the Greek gods here, hmm? No – this game is based in ancient Egypt, and the gods in question are Horus and Anubis.

Expect a sharp and stunning design

Design elements aren’t necessarily the most important elements in a slot, but we’ve all played great games with substandard designs that seem to suck the joy out of the experience. Fortunately, that doesn’t happen here. Instead, we get a game that is based on sharp graphics that use all kinds of glorious colors.

The basic features in store in Shadow Gods slots

Five reels are presented once the game is ready to play. Three symbols appear on each whenever the reels stop. You won’t see any progressive jackpots in store, but the game truly doesn’t need them to grab your attention.

Those two gods are wild icons in the game. Horus is restricted to reel two, while Anubis is restricted to reel four. Whenever they appear – even if only partially – they expand and nudge (if required) to stand in their full glory over their entire reel.

The game also includes some gold coins. Each one appears with a random value on it. These are connected to a special feature we’ll cover shortly. Finally, there is a scatter in action too, shown as a pharaoh’s mask.

Plenty of paylines to cover

There are 50 in all, and you can choose how many you would like to cover.

Betting range

This isn’t a penny slot, as the smallest coin is four cents in value. That makes the minimum spin bet for all 50 lines a two-dollar wager.

The paytable is divided into separate pages

This makes it easier to read about the special icons in play, not to mention the features the game can offer.

The bonus is related to those gold coins

Finding six or more will unlock this bonus round. The coins found will remain where they appeared. Everything else spins three times for free. If more coins should turn up in any of those spins, the recount is set back to three and the new coins are held too. This carries on until one of two things happens – you either go down to zero respins or you fill all the 15 spots on the reels with coins.

Finding between six and 14 coins will garner the prize reached by adding the values shown together. If you did fill the reels with 15 coins, you would get the Grand Prize instead.

Can you score any free spins?

You can, and you get to figure out which version you’d like to try. Yes, there are two on offer. Three scattered pharaoh masks are required to reach the point where you can make that decision. Six free spins are awarded when this happens, and you can play one option as follows:

1. Wild Reels – where Horus and Anubis appear fixed on their respective reels for the duration of the spins 2. Treasure Spins – where the fifth reel is filled with three gold coins, giving you six spins to find another three to reach the bonus feature

Whichever option you choose, there’s a chance to score more freebies in the same way you originally did.

The RTP is unknown

This isn’t uncommon for RTG games.

Our rating for this slot game

How high does our rating go? We award marks out of 10, and we’re rating this at 9.5. If the RTG team had been inspired to include 3D elements, we would have rated it as a 10.

What’s the biggest prize on offer?

It’s possible to net a maximum of 50,000x your bet on a single spin.

Play for practice purposes without dipping into your budget

This is the best way to see what you think of the game. We doubt you’ll want to drag yourself away though.

Play for real if the $2 minimum bet isn’t too high

Make sure you consider your budget before you play this game. You can play at less than $2 per spin, but only if you sacrifice some of the lines.

Mobile devices are fine to play on too

Shadow Gods is great to play on tablets and smartphones using the Android or iOS platforms.