Cai Hong Slots

Realtime Gaming has an entire collection of Asia-themed games, some of which are based on actual media and works of art such as Eagle Shadow Fist Slots, based on the Jackie Chan film. Cai Hong Slots' name happens to be the same as that of a song by Jay Chou, the title of which (Cai Hong) translates to Rainbow. It just so happens that the rainbow is a very obvious visual element in the game. Apart from that, the song and the looks of the slot have very little, if nothing in common. This is an ordinary theme from the Far East. While the majority of such games usually involve images of powerful fighters, glorious temples and epic landscapes, here the atmosphere is quite joyous and the backstory appears to be completely trouble-free. The main screen includes a grown man with a ridiculously wide grin on his face, who is dressed in lavish red robes, has a fancy hair-do and stylishly combed beard. The guy has spread both his arms - one is full of special gold coins and the other holds 3 boat-shaped golden objects. The most spectacular ornamentation that this happy Chinaman is wearing is without doubt the crown, made of precious stones, feathers and details of various forms and countless colors - blue, red, orange, white, yellow, grey. The background is that of a vast sky with white clouds and a giant rainbow. There is no conflict here - just a rich, happy, well-dressed guy - a mirror image of what the gambler will probably look like after a successful run at Cai Hong Slots.

Expect a properly diverse gameplay from Cai Hong Slots - one with 5 reels, symbols with great effects, a profitable paytable and more than one bonus feature. Usually the wild is able to replace the rest of the symbols in the game to create winning combinations. A common role of the scatter is to activate the free spins in the game and usually the free spins award a multiplier value, which will affect all the earnings made throughout the bonus feature. Anticipate the appearance of the usual card letters and numbers on the reels as well as the presence of the happy, rich Chinaman from the main screen in the form of an important symbol. Cai Hong Slots Is certainly a wonderful addition to the Realtime Gaming collection of any online casino and it is a game that will be enjoyed for both its appearance and gameplay.