Chinese New Year RTG Slots

RTG or Realtime Gaming is a top software development company for casino games, and is known for creating colorful and fun themed slots. There are hundreds of different slot games offered by the company, which makes it the perfect option if you are looking for a specific theme. In this article we wanted to focus on the Chinese New Year and all the different games that are offered around that concept. Below are three of our top favorites and a quick explanation of what you can expect if you give them a try.

Try God of Wealth for a Lovely Gambling Experience

God of Wealth is a beautiful, yet simple, slot game based on the Chinese New Year. The game features a series of different Chinese animal symbols including the Tiger, the Ox and the Dragon. There are cherry blossoms in the background on a picturesque day in a Chinese village, and it's hard not to appreciate the way this slot looks, even if the symbols aren't that impressive. We love this slot game in particular because of it's solid prize payouts, and the extra features like the free spin round and the progressive jackpot payout.

The God of Wealth symbol only appears on the middle reel during standard rounds, but will double any prize it helps complete. With his help you can win up to 10,000 coins with a five dragon symbol combination. You can also win a 5,000 coin payout from the next best combination and scatters award you up to 200 times the total wager amount you have in place, which is up to $125.00 per spin. There's also a free spin bonus triggered by three or more scatters. You can get up to 30 free spins, and the God of Wealth symbol subs in for all the other animals, giving you a chance to trigger wild-only prize payouts. The random progressive jackpot can trigger at any time as well, giving you more ways to win as you play. There's a lot going on in God of Wealth, and we like most of it. That's why it's a good solid addition to our list of games based on the Chinese New Year.

Cai Hong is Surprisingly Generous

There are few slot games s misleading as Cai Hong is. The slot looks very simple and a bit bland on the outside, but it has a lot to offer if you dig a bit. The slot is played over 30 paylines and offers wagering limits between $0.01 and $150.00 per spin. It showcases a bunch of different animals and also the God of Wealth wild symbol. The slot offers a few decent payouts during standard rounds, but most of the fun happens during the bonus round.

You can win big by getting 5 of the God of Wealth symbols on a single payline for a 10,000 coin jackpot payout. You can also get an amazing win with 5 scatter symbols for a 500x payout times your entire wager amount. Other than those huge wins, the rest of the normal symbols pay low amounts. The wild doubles prize payouts and the best you'll get from other symbols with his help is 1,500 coins, which isn't that exciting. During the bonus round things get very interesting through. It's triggered with three or more scatters, and gives you between 8 and 33 free spins. You get picks to determine your total spin count and your prize multiplier. The free spins begin with a 2x multiplier, but can increase up to an immense 15x multiplier, giving you some very nice payout opportunities. Cai Hong is a powerful slot game with excellent prize opportunities, which is why it's part of our list of top Chinese New Year slot games.

Pig Winner is a Festive and Fun Slot

There are few slot games that we could think of that better celebrate the Chinese New Year than Pig Winner. This slot game was made for the year of the pig, and it shows off many of the different Chinese Zodiac symbols in a colorful display as you play through the rounds. This slot game offers quite a few nice little bonuses and prize offers as you play, but you'll miss them if you don't become more familiar with the slot. The game gives you 243 ways to win with every spin and doesn't have official pay lines. Your wager amounts can start at $0.30 and go up to $150.00 per spin. There are wilds, a free games feature and an impressive scatter symbol.

It's the scatter that we want to talk about first, because this is definitely the most important symbol in the game. Not only does the scatter offer the highest standard round payout with up to 200x your total wager amount or up to $30,000 in cash if you have a maximum wager in place when you win big, but it also triggers the free spin bonus round. During that bonus round you get 8 free spins, you get more wilds and scatter symbols as well, and you can re-trigger the round up to two additional times for more free gambling fun. Base game payouts aren't very large, but they can be doubled when the pig wild helps create winning combinations. The wild gets even more powerful with a 3x multiplier during the free spins round. Overall, Pig Winner is a fun way to celebrate the Chinese New Year. It has just enough symbols and features to make it a good enough for a playthrough or two as well.

There are so many different quality slot games from RTG based on the Chinese New Year that is can be overwhelming trying to choose your favorite. Hopefully our list of slots helps you pick out a new favorite and to figure out a way to celebrate the event while enjoying a good gambling session at the same time.