Legend of Helios Slots

If you're searching for a fun new take on an old theme, that's precisely what you'll get with the Legend of Helios slot game. This slot is themed after the Greek sun god, and the game is simple to play with some pretty powerful features. We decided to try the game after seeing information about a few of the bonus features, and we weren't disappointed at all! Find out why this game stands out by reading through our simple review below, and you may decide that this game is right for you.

Made by An Accomplished Software Company

Realtime Gaming is a top-level software development company and the business behind this slot. The company has hundreds of games in its library, and it offers its whole collection to gamblers that join RTG compatible casinos. If you want access to top-quality games, and you don't mind joining a casino with games from only one development company, you can experience some of the best slots available today by joining a Realtime Gaming casino.

A Modern Video Slot Game

This slot game is a video slot with powerful features and cool bonuses. The game is exciting to play because it has a bonus wheel, lots of different free spin games, and additional perks that keep things interesting. When you try this slot, you'll be amazed at all the features that it offers, and this is exactly why we recommend the slot to other gamblers looking for entertainment.

Greek Themed Fun

This classy slot game has golden trim and a range of Greek character symbols that work together to create a friendly theme that you'll enjoy as you go through one spin after another. This game stands out for its nicely drawn symbols and for having a clean layout, and its perks like these that make it a game that gamblers will want to play.

There are 25 Locked Paylines

There are 25 different paylines in this slot, and they're all turned on at all times. There is no way to wager less than 25 coins at a time, making the game costly for low-stakes gamblers. It's still a good option for a wide range of players, though. Wagering is simple because the paylines are locked in the on position, and there are 25 ways to win each time you spin while playing this game. That's good news for gamblers that want to win prize payouts regularly.

Easy Betting

Wagering is simple for this slot game because the paylines are locked on at all times. The minimum you can wager while playing is $2.50 per spin. The maximum is much higher and will accommodate high-stakes gamblers. As long as you're okay with the minimum wager amount, there is a good range to work with that will make most players comfortable and excited to play. Wager an amount that you're comfortable with, and you can have a good time with this slot game.

Choose the Autoplay and Speed Settings

There are some customizations available for this slot game that players should be aware of. Gamblers can choose between two different speed settings and toggle autoplay features while using this slot. The two-speed settings make it possible to change between fast and slow spins while playing. The autoplay feature allows you to go through many different spins while only clicking a few buttons. If you're interested in hands-free gambling, the auto spin feature will help you do that for tens or hundreds of spins at a time.

Decent Pay Opportunities

Even though the paytable for this slot isn't full of massive prize-winning opportunities, there are some chances to win big while playing this game. Players can win thousands with a few of the prize payouts, and that's good news for the gamblers that want to win big. You'll see that a few prizes are exciting to try for, and these are the ones that you'll want to push to win.

Powerful Mystery Symbol Stacks

While playing this slot, mystery symbols drop down and transform into one of many different symbol types. The mystery symbols have a chance to trigger a respin bonus feature that continues offering respins until a prize win is achieved. Getting matching stacks of mystery symbols on the first and second reels can lead to the respin feature. When a respin is unlocked, you'll continue getting free respins until you win a prize payout. This is an exciting feature, and it's something to be thrilled about as a gambler playing this game because it can create substantial prize opportunities.

Four Different Free Spin Game Types

There are four different free spin bonus opportunities available in this game, and they're all tied to a wheel spin. Unlock the bonus wheel and spin for one of four different bonus rounds. These bonuses all have different perks, but they give you free spins to try and win even more. Start spinning through the rounds and play for some seriously exciting prizes.

Toggle Between Free and Real Money Play

There are two different ways to play this slot, in free mode and real money mode. It's possible to play the game for as long as you like when playing for free or real money. To swap between the two modes, choose how you want to play when first clicking on the game. Quickly change modes by exiting the game and opening it up again.

Win Thousands of Dollars

It's possible to win thousands of dollars on a single spin when playing this slot if you unlock a maximum prize payout. It's possible to win more than 2000x your total wager amount when playing here, and that can lead to some very exciting prize wins. Spin the reels and hope to trigger one of the larger prize payouts when playing this slot, and you could transform your bankroll.

An Uncertain Return

There isn't any specific information about the payout rate for this slot, so it's only a guess trying to determine if it's a good value or not. We had a good experience with this slot and managed to win consistently while playing, but there's no guarantee that other players will have the same experience when testing this slot game.

Works on Mobile Devices

This slot is designed for mobile wagering, and it works on most mobile devices. If have an interest in testing the game, you can load it on tablets and smartphones and play usually. This is fantastic news for players that want to take the game with them or play comfortably at home. There aren't any apps to download, and you can open the game in your web browser and play it like normal, even when using a small device to play. Choose a compact device and enjoy mobile wagering while playing this slot.

Rating the Game

When trying this slot game, we were impressed by the bonus features, the powerful prize payouts, and the beautiful graphics. It was difficult not to fall in love with this game, and for that reason, we decided to give it a 4.0 out of 5.0 stars. This is a solid rating, and it's easy to recommend the slot to other gamblers that want to try top-level games.