Lovable Pets Slots

Lovable Pets is an online slot game that focuses on the cute and cuddly pets we all know and love. This game comes loaded with a nice blend of features and some cool animations as well. We were drawn in by the beauty of the game, but there are many other perks that come with playing it as well. Get more familiar with what you can expect here by reading through our review below.

Created by RealTime Gaming

This slot is a RealTime Gaming creation. There are hundreds of other games in the developer's library, and this is just one of the standout products you can get here. If you sign up or a casino with this slot, you'll have loads of other high-quality options to choose from as well. That makes it easy.

Try it Now Free

It's possible to test this game for free to get a feel for how it works and what features you'll enjoy while playing it. When you try the game in demo mode, you won't spend any real money to spin the reels at all. That means you can turn the reels and enjoy all the features of the game while using a play money balance. If you aren't sure about the slot, this mode is the perfect way for you to get more familiar with it.

A Cuddly Pet Game

This slot game showcases a range of fuzzy, furry, and friendly pets. All the pets are smiling and happy, and they are small and cute as well. If you're a pet lover and you're looking for a game that will make you feel good while you play it, this one is the ideal option. Start turning the reels, and you'll be greeted by a variety of different cute pets just moments later.

Simple Design

This slot is meant to be easy to learn and to play. With only a few minutes dedicated to the game, you can pick up the different features and learn what all the buttons do. There aren't many adjustments for you to make other than the speed settings and the wager amount, so you can start playing in moments. If you would like to get to know this slot, you can spend a few moments getting familiar and begin playing from there.

Fun Video Slot

This slot game is classified as a video slot because it's played on more than three reels, and it offers a wide range of bonuses and special features. All these special additions make the game enjoyable to play and keep things interesting when you go through round after round. There aren't any progressive jackpots for you to try and unlock as you play. Without a massive progressive jackpot prize to try for, you will win payouts slightly more often than you would on a progressive game, but you can't win as much money as some of the maximum payouts offer.

4096 Cluster Pays

This game has no paylines and uses a cluster pay system instead. There are 4096 possible ways to win with each spin, which means achieving a winning combination is simple to do. Wins come often, and without any paylines to worry about, you don't have to turn them on and off when placing wagers.

Few Betting Options

Since there aren't paylines, your betting options are pretty limited. You can choose between one of four different wagering options. Bet a minimum of $5.00, then move to $12.50, $25.00, or $50.00 to choose a wager amount you want. With such limited options to choose from, it can be difficult to set the game to a wager amount you are comfortable with. This is something that many gamblers are critical of, and it's something that you'll have to deal with if you decide to play at this online casino.

A Low Value Paytable

When looking over the paytable for this game, it's easy to get disappointed. The prize payouts for this slot are small and uninspiring. When you play, you'll notice that even the biggest wins only come with small prize payouts. That's nothing to get excited about. The top payout is just 250 coins, and scatters only pay up to 10x your total wager amount. It's important to remember that prize wins occur frequently and that you can win a significant amount through a series of wins.

Get Re-Spins After Some Losing Spins

Even losing spins are an opportunity when playing this slot game. That's because any losing spin has a small chance of triggering a re-spin bonus round. When you trigger this random re-spin feature, you will continue getting re-spins until you have a winning spin. You'll also enjoy a prize multiplier between 1x and 7x on the win you achieve, which can result in some significant prize payouts.

Unlock Free Spins Using Scatters

Whenever you get three or greater scatter symbols, you'll unlock the free spin bonus round. This bonus gives you between 8 and 16 free spins. While in this bonus feature, you'll enjoy multipliers on every win you achieve. The game gives out multipliers between 1x and 7x on any winning spin, and that can lead to significant prize payouts as you go along.

We Don't Know the Value

This slot game is newer, and the development company hasn't released its approximate payback rate yet. That means we don't know how good of a value the game is. Just by testing it and by looking at the RTP values offered by other RealTime Gaming slots, we expect this game to pay out around 96% of the money that it takes in. If this value is accurate, the game is a good value and worth playing to most gamblers out there. We don't know if this value is accurate for sure, though, and it may not be.

Our Honest Rating

We tested this game over many hours of play and decided to give it a 3.8 out of 5.0 stars in the end. We gave the slot this rating because it's entertaining and nice to look at with good bonuses. We took points away because of lower jackpots and a low-value paytable. We also don't like how few wagering options there are to choose from. If you can get past these negatives, there is a lot to enjoy about playing this slot game overall.

Big Wins Aren't Possible

You won't get rich off a single spin while playing this slot. You could win up to $17,500 on a single payline if you're wagering the maximum amount of cash while playing this, and you could even get the win on a few different lines at the same time, but that's difficult and unlikely to do. Gamblers won't unlock life-changing amounts of money on a single spin of this game and should rely on multiple spins and sessions of wins in order to win huge amounts of money.

Play for Fun or For Real Money

No matter how you want to play this game, you are free to do so. It functions as a free-play gambling experience or as a game you play with your real money. Select the option to test the game in order to play it with a free money balance. When you're ready to risk money in hopes of real cash prize payouts, you can swap over to playing with real money in just a few clicks. Change between the two modes to change up how you play this game and enjoy the different options you have available to you.

Enjoy the Slot on Mobile

You can opt to play this slot on most mobile devices if you get tired of sitting at a computer while gambling. You can load the game on tablets and smartphones while still enjoying all the features of the slot. The game is designed to run smoothly on most devices and should work just fine even while you play it on the go. Try it today and see if the game stands out to you for its performance and for its mobile support.

Lovable Pets is a game that's focused on cute animals more than anything else. The slot has some pretty powerful bonus features, but we enjoyed the re-spin perk more than anything else. When you play this game, you'll be disappointed by the prize payouts at first, but you'll start having a good time when you realize just how frequently prize wins can be achieved. Try this slot on your own and see if it's a game you'll enjoy playing again or something you should avoid.