Lucky Rat Slots

Lucky Rat is the all-new Chinese themed slot game that’s for the year of the Rat. This slot features a range of beautifully drawn symbols, irregular reels and 720 different ways to win. It packs in exciting features that are going to make you want to keep playing the game, and with a bit of time could also reward you in a big way. If you would like to find out whether this Chinese New Year-themed slot is right for you to keep reading to find out all about the features and the overall design of this slot game.

Very Unique Reels

While this slot game has a total of five reels like most standard video slots today, the number of symbols on the reels is pretty unique. On the outsides, you get stacks of three symbols at either side. Then one reel in from the edges you get four symbols and the central reel has a total of five symbols. Thanks to the cluster payout system this slot game uses calculating payouts isn’t confusing, but it could be if it used standard paylines.

A Wide Range of Wagers

This slot allows players to wager a wide range of bet amounts though it comes with a fixed number of paylines. That means you’ll have a single set of adjustment arrows that you can use to move the wager amount up or down. Set your amount to a comfortable level worth as little as $0.25 per spin to $25.00 per spin or more while playing this slot. The wagering is flexible enough to appeal to most gamblers that want to test it out and that’s a definite perk when reviewing this game.

Simple Buttons and Controls

From the moment we started testing this game we were impressed by the simplicity of it all. There aren’t any selectable paylines, which means there is less to worry about when wagering. There are also just a few buttons for you to keep track of while playing this game. That means you can control the entire slot without having to think very much about what you’re doing. That makes it perfect for new gamblers or players that want a simple wagering experience.

Demo this New Release

This slot is jam-packed with exciting animations and it’s designed to stand out in a good way when you look at it compared to older slots. It’s not just the looks of this game that make it worth playing though. Try the game out for yourself in Demo mode to find out why this slot is doing so well today. It’s packed with features that you’ll want to see for yourself. The Demo mode if this game lets you play for free without risking anything at all. That means you can get up close and personal with the slot without risking your money. This allows you to learn all the features that this game has to offer so you can decide if it’s right for you or not.

A Low Volatility Slot with Lower Payouts

This slot game has a low level of volatility which means that you’re going to unlock prize payouts frequently as you play it. If you’re the type of gambler that likes winning prizes frequently, you’ll love this game. Just keep in mind that you won’t be winning huge prizes each time you uncover a win. Instead, you’ll be picking up smaller prizes some of which will be lower than the cost to spin the reels itself. Big wins come from combinations of wins or several different symbol wins during a single spin.

A Modest Top Payout

The biggest win that you can get while playing this slot is just 1230x your total wager amount. Bet big and this payout can be pretty decent, but other slots offer bigger prize payouts. Even still, if you’re willing to wager an amount of money that offers real prize payouts you could walk away with a pretty sizeable win with enough luck while playing this slot game.

Gamble on the Go

If you decide that you enjoy this slot game and you want to play it more often you are free to do so with the excellent mobile support it offers. That’s right, you can play this slot game on the go wherever you like. Just load it on your smartphone and enjoy all the features that the game offers just like that. You can even play it on a phone screen as long as you have a halfway decent internet connection while playing and it will run well.

Firecracker Free Spin Bonus Round

Get eight or more of the firecracker symbols and you’ll unlock the free spin bonus round. During this bonus round, you’ll have the chance to unlock up to a total of 240 free spins and enjoy an increased chance for prize payouts as well. This bonus has the potential to reward you with huge prize payouts and loads of wins. Most gamblers that win big while playing Lucky Rat do so by winning combinations of prizes during the free spin bonus round. It’s an exciting opportunity to win big but not everyone will trigger this bonus while playing the game. The ones lucky enough to do so will come back for more again and again for more wins.

Fun Play or Real Money Wagering

Don’t rush into this slot with real money if you aren’t sure you really want to play it. Instead, start off slow in free play mode and then move on to risking real money after you’re familiar with the game a bit. You can run it in demo mode for as long as you like and then when you’re finally ready to change things over you can very easily swap to real money mode in seconds. It’s convenient, it’s quick and you’ll wonder why other slot games don’t make it this easy to wager the way you want to. Lucky Rat is one of the most modern offerings from RTG and it shows. This game looks very nice, offers just the right blend of special features and it always keeps things interesting. Stop worrying about what games are going to be best to play and give this one a try. If you like winning regular prizes you’ll like this game.