Super 6 Slots

Super 6 doesn’t give much away in its title, does it? We are guessing the number six comes into play somewhere. On closer inspection, we have a Chinese theme to view, but that still doesn’t reveal why it is based around the number six. Eight is the lucky number there, so what else can we discover about the Super 6 slot game?

How many reels and lines are in play?

If you thought there might be six reels involved in this game, you were correct. There are no paylines here though – they have implemented an all ways pays format instead.

What can you bet on the slot?

You need only choose a bet per spin here. That goes from as little as 30 cents up to $7.50.

Does Super 6 have special icons?

Yes, and the Chinese coins tied together with red ribbon are shown as the wild icon. They can appear grouped and will appear on every reel except for the first one. if one or more appear in a winning line, your prize is doubled.

The number six comes into play with the scatter too, because there are six of them. They are designed to spell the game title – SUPER6.

Can you reach one or more bonus rounds?

You need to find at least four scatters from the left side of the reels to unlock the special feature. Eight free games are granted here. However, if you get five or six scatters in the triggering combination, additional perks are unlocked. Expect to find grouped wilds, a wild emperor, or maybe a multiplier worth a huge x5.

Five scatters will award you 12 free games, while six scatters will bring you 25 free games. Check the paytable before you begin to play, and you will see which perks are applied to which triggering combination. Though the more scatters appear to unlock the free games, the better the outcome should be. And there is a lot to look forward to in this feature. It could be different with each trigger.

Download and play Super 6 now!

Super 6 has a relevant title, as we can now see. Chinese-themed slots are far from unique, but there are lots of reasons why they are a popular type of theme. Try this one now as it provides the perfect introduction to a great Chinese slot game.