Mardi Gras Magic Slots

Mardis Gras Magic is a newer slot release from Realtime Gaming. This game shows off the flashy and fun side of Mardis Gras and gives gamblers lots of ways to win. It's unclear if this is the perfect game or not at first glance, but there are many things to be excited about in this game. To learn everything we can about this game, we played through hundreds of rounds and created this full game review. Read through it to determine if this game is an option you should pursue or not.

Made by Realtime Gaming

This game was crafted by Realtime Gaming, one of the most popular software companies in the world today as far as the gambling industry is concerned. The games from this company are top-notch, and they are fun to play. If you become a member at a casino that offers this slot game to its gamblers, you can try out hundreds of other games as well.

Demo is First

Before spending any money on this slot, you can try it out for free in Demo mode. This mode allows you to play through as many rounds of the slot as you would like, but you use play money the entire time. As you go through spin after spin, you won't spend any of your own money in Demo mode. This special mode allows you to test the features of the game for yourself, and you can swap to playing for real money whenever you want to play for actual prize payouts.

A Vibrant Mardis Gras Slot

When you think about Mardi Gras, the celebration, you likely think of beads, bright colors, cool costumes, and a fun party atmosphere. That's exactly the sort of experience you'll have when playing this slot. The symbols are beautiful to look at, and they show off loads of pretty women along with cool costumes and more. If that's not enough, there are also cool prizes for you to look forward to as you play.

Designed to Be Simple to Play

This game isn't complex or difficult at all. Instead, it's focused on simplicity above all else. There are only a few different buttons for you to press while you play this game. If you can place your wager and spin, you can play this slot. Sure, there are some extra options for you to work with, but you only have to use these features if you want to. There is no need to leverage the extra features if you don't want to.

25 Fixed Paylines

There are 25 paylines in this game and they're all active as you gamble. That means you must wager on each of the lines to play. It costs more to gamble this way, but you have more opportunities to win money as well.

Loads of Wagering Options

The maximum wager amount you can place is worth $62.50 per spin, and the minimum is far less than $1.00. That means you can easily choose a wager amount you're comfortable with if you're like most gamblers. Adjusting your wager value is as simple as pressing the plus and minus keys, and you can change things around in just a few seconds. Press the buttons to go through the values until you find one that you're comfortable playing with.

Designed for Combinations of Pays

This slot doesn't come with a high-value paytable, and most of the prize wins you'll unlock are small in value as you play the game. That doesn't mean that it's a poor value, though. It means you will rely on getting multiple wins in a single spin or long chains of wins in the free spin round to walk away with large prizes. Thanks to the bursting wilds feature, it isn't hard to accomplish either of those goals.

Powerful Bursting Wilds

Wild symbols explode sometimes, and when they do, they spread around the reels taking the place of girl symbols and Mardi Gras logo symbols. It's possible for wilds to spread all over the reels, and when that happens, you are very likely to get some good prize wins. These symbols break and spread regularly, and they are one of the most powerful features that you'll use as you play this game.

A Cool Free Spin Bonus

Getting three or more of the logo scatter symbols is what you need to trigger the free spin bonus round. In this round, you'll enjoy at least 15 free spins that you can win on. These spins aren't multiplied, but they come with more exploding wilds than normal. That means when you are in this round, you'll trigger wilds more often, and you'll get more wins as well. It's a thrilling time to be a player!

We're Unsure of the RTP Value

We don't have an RTP or a return to player value for this slot just yet. That means you'll have to hope that the game is a good value if you start laying it right now. We had good luck with the game during our time with it, so we don't think the value is very low.

Our Honest Rating

After testing this game for a few sessions, we can give it 4.2 out of 5.0 stars. We would be more likely to increase this score if we had a chance to learn the RTP value and found out it was a good value. Without the value, a 4.2 is a decent score that should still make players feel good about if they want to try this game.

Big Wins Can Occur

Single payline wins aren't that large, but huge wins occur from chains of wins and from getting wins on multiple paylines at the same time. Between the free spin bonus, spreading wilds, and the wide range of winning combinations at this slot, it's possible to walk away with a huge prize win.

Try it For Fun

Before spending money, you can test play this slot game. To do so, you select Free Play or Demo and try the game using a play money balance. Once you're ready to risk your own money, you can swap the feature and start playing the game like normal. If you're lucky enough, you could walk away with a huge win, and that's when things get interesting.

Wager Real Money

Free play mode is a good way to get familiar with this slot game, but it's not right for everything. When you're sick of playing for free, you can change to standard mode and play for real cash prizes. This is when you want to have the best luck, so you should hope that you're going to do good before swapping to this special game mode.

Load this Game on Mobile

This slot was built to cater to mobile players that want to take their gambling with them where they go. It's so simple to start playing on an Android or iOS device that gamblers can do so in just a few minutes. The game operates in a web browser and doesn't require any software to start playing it.

Mardis Gras Magic is a cool slot game with a few features we like. Thanks to the exploding wilds and a powerful free spin bonus round, we can safely say that many players are going to love this slot. Try it yourself and see what we mean.