Miami Jackpots Slots

Miami Jackpots Slots
Miami Jackpot Slot is a stunning new casino game that's focused on the beauty and fun of Miami. The game is loaded with sunshine, brilliant neon lights, beautiful women, and cool features. We were taken in by the appearance of the game almost immediately, but it's the features of this slot that are worth talking about. Learn all about what makes this game special and what things aren't so great about this slot in our review below.

A Real Time Gaming Slot

This slot was crafted by Real Time Gaming, a well-known software development company with hundreds of different games in its library. With so many game selection options to choose from, there is always something for everyone to pick, and the games are known for offering entertaining features.

A Standard Video Slot

This game is a vibrant video slot with a good blend of features and beautiful graphics. The different symbols of the game are beautiful to look at, but it's the blend of bonus features, wilds, scatters, free spins, and more that bring this game to life and make it into something that you'll want to play.

Beautiful Beaches and Women

The theme of this slot game is beautiful women and beaches. Miami is known for its brilliant sunlight, beautiful women, and being a fun location. This is the theme of this slot game, and you see symbols that fit that theme nicely.

20 Locked Paylines

There are 20 paylines in all for this slot game, and they are all locked in the on position. That means you'll wager across all 20 lines each time you bet while playing this game. With wagers like that in place, you won't have to worry about adjusting the number of lines to change your bet amount. This makes wagering simple, and it gives you the best chances of winning prizes for each spin you take too.

A Good Range of Wagers

Each of the 20 paylines must be activated when you play this slot, which means you only have to change the coin value to adjust the total wager amount, and nothing more. As long as you're okay adjusting the coin value, you can set your wager amount and play at any level you like. Change up the coin value to be at a level you want and play the game from there.

A Simple Paytable

This game comes with a basic paytable. There are some decent wins worth a few thousand coins, but there aren't any huge prize payouts like some other slots offer. That keeps things less exciting, but it also means you can expect more consistent payouts when you play this game.

Adjust the Speed and Use Autoplay

There is a single button available to help you adjust the speed of this slot. Press the thunderbolt symbol to change up the speed of the game to different levels. You also have the auto spin button that enables you to go through more than one spin without pressing the spin button every time. Use these powerful features to help you customize your play experience with this game.

Instant Win Jackpot

This slot has an instant-win jackpot system that triggers with sun symbols. Getting three or more is all it takes to unlock an immediate jackpot payout from this slot. Getting more sun symbols on any of the reels will give you a higher payout, and the values are displayed at the side of the slot game the entire time you play. The symbols work as scatters and can be positioned anywhere as long as they are on the screen. You'll come to expect these instant jackpots and look forward to their payouts as you go through one round after another of the slot game.

Miami Free Spins

Anytime you get three or more Miami symbols while spinning this slot, you will start up the free spin bonus round feature. This feature gives you permission to choose the spin options you get to enjoy. There are four different girls, and the girl you select determines how many free spins you get and the multiplier that's attached to those spins as well. You can get as few as ten spins and as many as 20, and you get to select prize multipliers that range from 2x up to 5x. Choose the option you select carefully, and you'll determine how the bonus round goes.

Try the Game For Free

It's possible to test this game for free if you want to get to know the features it offers. Not only can you test play the game in a free play mode to get to know it, but you can play for free for as long as you like for entertainment purposes as well. The slot stays the same in free mode, but the game uses a free money balance rather than your casino balance.

Wager with Real Money

When it's time to spend real money on this slot and to play for real money prizes, you can switch to playing with real money involved whenever you like. You can load the game into a real money mode in just moments as long as you have an active casino account with a real money balance already. Sign in to your account and click on this slot to play with real money immediately.

Big and Small Wins

It's possible to win a large amount of money from this slot, and there are gamblers that win thousands of dollars on a single spin. Its' also possible to win small amounts, especially with smaller wagers in place. Either way, you can get some impressive wins from this slot game, and that's just one reason to play.

No Certain RTP

We don't have the RTP value for this game just yet, which means that you'll have to wager on it without knowing whether it's a good value or not. Without this information, some gamblers won't want to try the game. We believe it's a good value, though, and enjoyed our time with the slot.

Works Well on Mobile

This slot game is made for modern gamblers that enjoy playing on different devices. If you decide to play the game, you are free to do so on smartphones, tablets, and much more as well. That's great news for players that don't want to be stuck in one location while playing. As long as you you can connect to the internet you can enjoy the game anywhere you like. The slot runs smoothly on small and large devices.

Rating the Game

We decided to give this game a 4.2 out of 5.0 stars as our final rating after testing it thoroughly. The slot is beautiful, it has many different features, and it's a lot of fun in general. If you believe the game will be enjoyable for you, it's a good idea to take a minute to test it for yourself.

Miami Jackpot is an entertaining slot experience with more than enough features to entertain most gamblers. Try it today to see if it's a good fit for you or not. The game is available to play for free, and you can play it for real money as well. Load it on a smartphone or tablet, or play on a computer.