Polar Explorer Slots

Polar Explorer is a slot game all about exploring the cold poles of the world. It featuers a set of cool animals found in the polar climates, and also comes with explorer symbols over top of the icy backdrop of the game. While the slot game looks nice, that doesn't directly mean that it's worth playing at. That's why it's so important to take the time to explore all its features to make a final decision about the game. Take a look today and see whether it's a good fit or not.

Low Stakes Bets

One key feature about Polar Explorer slots that really stood out to us during the testing period is the low stakes of the wagers. It's only possible to risk a maximum of $25.00 per spin. That's enough for many players out there, but not enough for everyone. As a gambler, you have the option to risk a maximum of $25.00 and a minimum of $.01 per spin. We like the option to set a near exact wager on this game, but wish that the maximum went a bit higher up to appeal to the high stakes players out there.

Feature Guarantee

Serious players that want to ensure that they get as much prize money as possible put money into the feature guarantee. This is a special prize guarantee that ensures that they win after so many turns of the reels. Put 5x the line bet into this feature and you can be sure that a special bonus feature will activate over time, even if it wasn't going to originally. The guarantee helps keep more wins pouring in, and is good for players that usually don't unlock any special features while playing slots.

Dual Progressives

Polar Explorer features two different progressive jackpot prizes for twice as many opportunities to win. There's a minor jackpot that's usually in the hundreds and a major jackpot that's in the thousands. It's possible to win one of these jackpots or the other, and there aren't any special requirements to win either. Both high and low betting players have a shot to win the prizes offered by this slot game.

Bonus Rounds

There are three different bonus rounds in Polar Explorer that can all be triggered by the snowflake symbols. These symbols expand onto reels 2, 3 and 4, and when they show up on all three of the reels they will initiate one of the three different features. The features offer either free spins, or bonus selections for prize money. During the free spin round of the bonus games it's possible to trigger additional free spins by getting three or more of the scatter symbols.

Polar Explorer is a low-stakes slot game, but it's a good one. With three different bonus features to play through there is plenty of diversity that players can enjoy. Even though the slot game doesn't offer massive prizes, it's possible to win decent prizes from the progressive jackpot or top standard jackpots while playing through the rounds of Polar Explorer.