Slots Jungle Slots

There are few online slot games any longer that really wow us with their graphics, but Slots Jungle is one of them. This jungle themed online video slot game really offers nice scenery and symbols to look at. From the moment that you start playing on this game you'll be impressed with the variety of animal symbols that are offered, and how nice the backdrop to this slot looks. It's not just the graphics that are meant to impress though. The creators or Slots Jungle put a lot of work into the features of the game as well, and they could be what wins you over to the game once and for all.

Setting a Bet

From the moment that you begin playing Slots Jungle you have the opportunity to choose a bet amount that you are comfortable with. There's a minimum bet of $0.01 that you must place, and if you're a high roller your maximum bet per line is $5.00. The $5.00 maximum might not sound like much, that is until you consider it's per line for a maximum of 25 lines. That gives you a high of $125.00 that you can risk while playing Slots Jungle, and a low of $0.01 per spin. With that range of wagers available, it's simple to choose a bet amount that you are comfortable with so that you can get the most out of the game.

Huge Prize Potential

Since Slots Jungle is a progressive slot it has the potential to pay out some really massive top prizes. While you play through the rounds of the game you'll often receive smaller rewards, but once and awhile there's a chance of getting a massive payout. The highest payout jackpot offered by this slot is worth $250,000, which is much larger than what most other gamblers will ever experience. That's huge for long-term gamblers and it's one of the reasons that players will keep trying Slots Jungle for years to come.

Two Random Jackpots

On top of all the standard wins that you can get from this video slot game, you can get some additional jackpots as an added bonus. It's possible to unlock both a minor and a major jackpot while playing Jungle Slots. To do this you just need to spin the reels and get a bit lucky. With some of your spins you'll have a chance to unlock hundreds of dollars with the minor jackpot, or more than one thousand with the major. There's no guarantee that you'll unlock these rewards, but if you do it's sure to be exciting.

Advanced Game Mechanics

Slots Jungle features some advanced controls to give you more control over how you play the game. On top of setting your bet amount, you are also free to get an autoplay going as well. That means you can choose how many times the reels of the slot will turn all on their own. Set the slot to turn dozens of times or even hundreds of times without you having to do anything at all. You can also set the slot to stop for certain circumstances, like winning a jackpot.

Slots Jungle is an advanced online slot game that looks really nice. It offers some of the largest jackpot payouts that you can get from a video slot today, and puts in enough additional features to keep things interesting for everyone.