Be Patriotic with Sevens and Stripes Slots

This game might just make you think of the American flag, even though it doesn't actually appear in it. It just feels like an American-themed game, and you'll see why when you take a closer look at it.

The color scheme is based on red, blue and white, and this makes it very pleasant to play. It's a simple design but it works really well, and you'll appreciate that when you come to play it.

What's the situation with reels and paylines?

There's nothing complex about this game - it has three reels and only one payline to play with.

Does Sevens and Stripes allow decent bet amounts?

Five cents to five dollars can be wagered on the line per coin. You can play up to three coins if you like, and there is a good reason why you should if you can. A bigger three-coin bet means you have a shot at winning the prizes in the 3-coin section - and that includes the jackpot of 10,000 coins. In contrast, a 1-coin bet would win 2,400 coins at most, while a 2-coin bet would bring you 4,800 coins at the maximum.

Are there special symbols to try and get on the reels?

This game is about sevens and stripes, and that's what you get. Sevens can appear in red, white or blue, or as a mix of all three, which just so happens to be the jackpot-winning combination you need to shoot for.

You've also got bar symbols which can appear in various colors. You always have to get three identical symbols to bag a win, and you can check out the options on the pay table at any time.

Does the game have a bonus round?

No, as you might guess, you don't get a shot at a bonus level in this game.

Download and play Sevens and Stripes online now!

This is a basic game but it is colorful and engaging and you'll be searching for chances to put together three matching symbols to win a prize. The prize amounts are quite good when you play three coins all the time, with prizes ranging from 12 through to 10,000 coins. Even the second-best prize is 5,000 coins for a three-coin bet! Check out Sevens and Stripes now and you might just be glad you did so if you play the game online for real and get lucky.