Bubble Bubble 2 Slots

Winni and her potion ingredients and some of her friends are back to entertain us on the screens in this sequel slots game that has five reels and fifty paylines. Some of the symbols are recognizable from the original slots game including the sexy Winni herself but players will also note many new symbols including Winni's friend Wand the Witch who also plays an important part in the benefits of this slots game. Players can alter the speed of the spinning reels and they can also set a number of spins to run consecutively using the auto play function.

Two Wild Witches

It is a good idea to get to know the characters and symbols before placing real money bets and this will give the player more confidence when playing the real money game. Both Wanda and Winni are wild symbols that appear on reels 1 and 5. When they appear on these reels they expand to cover the whole reel and also triple any payouts that they help to complete. If both the sexy witches appear together the player benefits from his winnings being multiplied 9x.

Three Different Bonus Features

The magic wand is an important symbol too, awarding players multiplying payouts for appearing on the screen and also triggering the bonus games. When three or more of the wands appear on the screen the player is offered a choice of wands, his choice will reveal one of the bonus games. The player could win wilder witches, ultra bewitched or the greater ghosts feature. The greater ghosts feature gives the player 20 free spins. Wilder witches gives the player 9 free spins and if one of the witches appears during these free spins, she casts a spell and the player benefits from more wilds awarding payouts and two witches cast a double spell on the reels. This double spell gives the player 33 free spins in addition to the original 9 free spins. The ultra bewitched gives the player 7 free spins and one or two of the wild witches appears during the free spins covering the whole reel that she is on. Sometimes the player can win two witches appearing that expand giving him even more winnings.

Win Win Feature Bonus

Bubble Bubble 2 slots also incorporates a win win feature. The win win feature is active during the wilder witches feature if the player has only won 10x or less the triggering bet. The win win feature guarantees the player a good win and with all the other features of this exciting new game players will definitely have the winnings rolling in and the memories of a great game that they will continue playing for a long time to come.