I, Zombie Slots

I, Zombie Slots

Get ready for Halloween with a spooky online slot game that focuses zombies. The slot is situated in a spooky swamp with an old wooden bridge, a deep fog and an unpredictable environment where anything at all can happen. I, Zombie is designed with mobile players in mind, but it's a good slot game for everyone and designed with high quality graphics designed to really enhance the experience of the slot.

25 Paylines to Wager On

Good quality slot games available today make it easy to wager an amount of money that you are comfortable with. If you are wagering too much cash you will lose your balance too quickly and have trouble getting a decent win before you do. If you wager too little the slot is boring to play and your big wins are wasted. When you play iZombie you can wager on up to 25 paylines, though you can turn that number down if you like. You can adjust the amount that you wager on each one of the paylines until you reach an amount you are comfortable with in the end.

A Moderate Payout

I, Zombie is a pretty high quality online slot game that offers respectable payouts if you are fortunate enough to get the highest paying symbols while spinning, but it won't pay out a life changing amount of cash. The biggest win that you can get from this slot game from a single symbol combination is worth 7,500 coins, which could be pretty substantial with a large wager in place. That's a win that could result in a significant payout. There are other wins that are smaller but still exciting to win and can make a substantial change to your overall account balance as well.

Watch for the I, Zombie

The I, Zombie symbol can show itself on any of the reels of this slot game and it is an important tool to help you win even more often while you play the game. The symbol is a wild that will take the place of everything other than the scatter symbols. With help from the wild you can walk away with more frequent wins and enjoy some seriously good cash payouts.

Win Big with Free Spins

I, Zombie offers a cool free spin bonus round that makes the slot a bit more exciting to play along with. When you trigger this special bonus you will enjoy two free spins for every one of the I, Zombie symbols and the mirror symbols on the reels. You need to get at least three of the mirror symbols to trigger the bonus round, but getting more of them will pay off in more than one way. On top of getting two additional free spins for every extra scatter you have past three, you'll also get a higher multiplier for additional scatters. Four scatters gives you a 2x multiplier on every prize payout during that round. Five scatter symbols gives you a 3x multiplier on every prize payout that you get during the free spin bonus round. It's easy to see how you can win a substantial amount of cash from this special round with enough luck on your side while playing the slot.

Made for Mobile

Designed specifically for mobile players, I, Zombie is a high quality online slot game that offers beautiful views and plenty of features for gamblers to enjoy. From the moment that you begin playing this slot game you'll be amazed at just how easily it loads up. The slot doesn't require a software download or any apps in order to use, and you can begin gambling in just moments when you give it a try. I, Zombie is a cool online slot game with a lot of good features to keep you busy. The slot isn't complicated, but it is nice to look at and when you factor in the higher multiplier free spin bonus rounds there's a lot of potential cash for you to win while playing this slot game. Give it a try and you could end up walking away with some huge wins while having a lot of fun.