Stardust Slots

Stardust Slots
Stardust is an all-new slot game by Real Time Gaming and it looks pretty cool. The slot features brilliant bright colors and a dark theme that helps make everything pop. We were immediately drawn in by the appearance of the game, but it’s really the features that ultimately sold us on the game. Try it out for yourself, or read through our complete review to learn more about this game.

Watch for Changing Wilds

The green fairy symbol is an exciting symbol to get on the reels because it’s a wild and will help you unlock some good wins. Things get even more exciting when the fairy changes colors to blue though. Not only are blue fairies wilds, but they multiply any wins they help create by 4x. That means you’ll win some of your biggest and best prize payouts with help of blue fairies, so watch for these symbols to pop up as you play the slot game.

Willows are Important

Willows are a highly beneficial symbol in the new Stardust slot game. That’s because these symbols are scatters and can result in some good solid payouts even if you don’t get them on the same paylines as you spin. Getting just a few of these symbols will result in a low payout, and getting all 5 is a pretty serious win, depending on how much you have wagered at the time. Even more importantly, these scatters trigger the bonus round.

Winning Big During the Bonus Round

It’s possible to win huge amounts of cash during the bonus round o this slot game. Getting three or more of the scatter symbols will trigger the special bonus round, where you can get up to 50 free spins all with increased chances of prize payouts. During those free spins you’ll enjoy some good solid prize payouts and you can go through round after round without spending any additional money to play.

A High Powered Random Bonus Spin

On top of all the other features that make Stardust an interesting game to play, there is a random bonus spin that can trigger at the end of any standard spin while playing the slot. After your spin, there is a slight chance that you’ll get a bonus round where up to five reels get a wild added on. These random wilds can help you amplify your wins to new levels and give you very exciting prize payout opportunities. You will often get some of the best winning combinations from this special feature, and you never know when its going to come!

Stardust is a pretty cool looking slot game and it has features that we really enjoyed when testing it out. If you like having that random chance at winning big with each and every spin, there’s a lot to like about this slot. We loved the random wild feature after every spin, and the free spin round offers big prize payout potential that you just don’t experience with a lot of other online slot games.