Burnley Fever Slots

Burnley Fever is a Footballers (or Soccer Players – if you’re American) good time. This online video slot offers progressive jackpots, lots of different features and it looks pretty nice while doing it. It’s all these different things that come together and make an interesting slot experience, and that’s exactly what we wanted to dig into down below. Keep reading to learn all about what this slot has to offer and why it’s worth playing (or not). Hopefully our review makes it easier for gamblers to decide to get started with this game.

A Realtime Gaming Slot

Burnley Fever is a slot game developed by Realtime Gaming, a pretty well-known slot developer that offers a wealth of different themed slots. Realtime Gaming has been around for more than a decade and is established as one of the most entertaining slot developers. The games produced by the company are engaging and offer enough of a bonus reward to make gamblers want to test them out for themselves. If you’re searching for an exciting slot experience you’ll likely find a few games worth testing by Realtime Gaming.

Free to Try

To get a feel for slots like this one it’s a good idea to try them out before spending any money on them if at all possible. That’s why it’s fortunate that Burnley Fever offers a free play mode. Give the slot game a try at one of the slots that offers it for free and you’ll develop a feel for the slot and all that it has to offer quickly. There’s no better way to decide whether a slot is worth playing at for money than to play for free to experience some of the features.

Excellent for Football or Soccer Fans

Anyone fans of Football are going to fall in love with this slot game almost immediately. It’s got all of the excitement of a major Football match, and it even weaves in some of that exciting rivalry energy as well. Test the slot for yourself and you’ll quickly see why so many gamblers come back to play the game again and again. Exciting features, good graphics and a blend of different bonuses keep things quite interesting.

An Exciting and Dynamic Game

There’s nothing worse than a flat and stale slot. That’s not what Burnley Fever is though. This slot offers a good blend of wilds, scatters and bonus features that keep things interesting. Spend an hour with the slot, or a week and you’ll likely still have things to look forward to with each play session.

Try this 50-payline Progressive Slot Game

With a total of 50 paylines there are plenty of prize-winning opportunities for you to shoot for as you play through one round after another of this slot. It has a progressive jackpot element, so there is always a chance for some big wins with a bit of luck.

50 Different Paylines

This slot has a total of 50 paylines overall which helps to keep things interesting as you play around with the slot. That’s because many spins will end with at least a small prize payout. With so many paylines you’ll likely encounter wins that you never saw coming, and that’s when things really get fun.

An Excellent Wagering Range

Whether you want to spend a small amount of money or play for big prize payouts, you can do both while playing Burnley Fever. The slot game offers gamblers a good mix of wagering opportunities starting at $0.01 per spin and working all the way up to $125.00 per spin. Select a wagering amount you’re comfortable with and start spinning the reels. The higher you wager the more you could win from this exciting slot game.

Many Different Paytable Wins

Taking a quick look at the paytable for this video slot will show off a good mix of prize paying opportunities for you to try for. When you play this slot game you can win big with every spin, and there are lots of different ways that you can come away with a profitable play session while trying out Burnley Fever. Take a moment to learn about the different wilds and scatters and you’ll see that you have lots of likely winning opportunities to celebrate.

The Lucky Bonus Offers Win Opportunities

Turn on Lucky mode while playin this slot and you have a chance to win a free spin bonus round after every spin that you make. That means you can keep spinning again and again and eventually you’re likely to come away with a significant prize payout. Give the slot a try with Lucky mode turned on and you will likely trigger at least one of the free spin rounds with eight free spins eventually.

Win up to 100 Free Spins

When you play in the standard version of Burnley Fever that’s when you have the biggest chance of unlocking significant free spin bonus rounds. You’ll need to get three or more scatter symbols to accomplish this though. Three scatters will give you eight free spins, four will give you between 10 and 25 and five will give you between 50 and 100 free spins. Either way you can come away with some exciting prize payouts, especially since the free spin bonus rounds all come with a 3x prize multiplier for you.

Not Sure of the RTP

There is no specific RTP listed for this slot game just yet, but it’s likely fair and reliable like most of the rest of the Realtime Gaming library. If you’re looking for a slot game that you can depend on to offer at least decent prize payouts, you’ll have a good time with Burnley Fever.

An Honest Slot Rating

Burnley Fever is an exciting slot with a good mix of features, which is why we’re giving it a 4.2 out of 5.0. It’s not the best score, because we believe there could be more bonus offers and features to unlock, but other than that there is a lot going for this slot that should make you want to try it out at least once.

Big Winners Will Love This Game

Winning big is something that many gamblers want to do, but some choose to get many small wins instead of the large ones. If you like winning big and don’t mind waiting around for a bit to get the massive prize payouts, Burnley Fever is a good slot option for you. The progressive jackpot slot has serious win potential, but might not pay out quite as frequently as lower paying slot games do.

Fun Money Play

For a quick taste of the game try it out using fun money. Turn on the slot in Demo mode and you can test out all the different features without spending any of your real money to do so. This special mode is easy to access and is available to gamblers even before they are members of the casino offering the slot game.

Real Money Play

While free play mode is a good way to test a slot, there’s no way to truly know the excitement of a slot game until you try it using real money. That’s why a game that you like at least a bit should always be tested out using real money as well before deciding if it’s the right game for you. Make your deposit and join the casino and try this RTG game out using some real cash to make your final decision about it.

Support for Most Mobile Devices

Mobile gambling is an enjoyable experience that players should test out for themselves at least once in their lives. With Burnley Fever it’s possible to try the game out on most mobile devices. The slot will load right up in the web browser and play smoothly on Android, iOS and even Blackberry devices. Start up your smartphone or tablet and try this slot on the go.

Burnley Fever is an exciting sport-themed slot with just enough bonus features to keep gamblers interested over time. Whether you like smaller prize payouts or big progressive jackpot wins, both are possible with this slot. Give it a try for yourself to determine if it’s a good fit, but it is likely to be loved by serious sports fans and by gamblers that like high payout slots.