Mermaid's Pearls Slots

Mermaid’s Pearls is a newer slot game offering from Realtime Gaming and it offers the best of modern slot gameplay, an attractive theme and decent prize payouts and rewards. Between all of those features the slot stands out, which is why we put together a full review of the new game. Read below to learn more about the slot game and whether it has something special to offer or not.

A Look at the Development Team

Realtime Gaming is the company responsible for Mermaid’s Pearls and they’re known for creating interactive games that are exciting to play. The slot stands out mainly because of its theme, and that’s thanks to the clever designs put together by Realtime Gaming. Thanks to some skillful designs the slot is a game that deserves recognition and that stands out amongst all the other slot games offered by the company.

Demo Playing the Game

Anyone interested in learning more about Mermaid’s Pearls can test out the slot game for free. The game can be accessed by visiting a Relatime Gaming online casino. Any casinos that offer the RTG library of slots will offer access to test out the slot for free. Clicking the game and loading it up is all that’s necessary to test it out and to see how it runs.

A Fun Theme

Anyone that likes a mermaid theme will enjoy the look and the feel of Mermaid’s Pearls. The slot game is a mixture of a beautiful mermaid, seashells and pearls that come together to create a magical theme. It’s hard not to love the look and design of the slot. It’s held down in the depths of the ocean and a beautiful mermaid is the centerpiece of the slot. It has a modern look, and a simple design that makes playing the slot easy for everyone.

Simple Game Design

Video slots don’t have to be complex to be enjoyable and Mermaid’s Pearls is proof of that. The slot game has no paylines, makes wagers adjustable with just a single arrow, and gives gamblers nothing to think about before spinning the reels. Players can start wagering in minutes and the slot still offers enough diversity to be enjoyable even if it isn’t at all complex like some other slots are.

A Powerful Video Slot

Designed for simplicity it might be difficult to tell at first that Mermaid’s Pearls is actually a pretty feature-rich slot game. The game has two different bonus features and a special pearl mechanic that controls the specials. These different mechanics add a layer of complexity to the slot that will help to keep gamblers interested long after standard slots would have become dull. It’s these special features that make the slot worth testing out in the first place.

No Standard Paylines

There aren’t any paylines in this slot game. Instead, players unlock prize payouts by getting clusters of items together. The game looks for patterns of symbols on the grid of reels and those patterns determine what sort of prize payouts are possible. This design helps create more prize-winning combinations and leads to more frequent wins than standard paylines do.

A Good Mix of Wagering Options

It’s possible to wager big or small while playing this slot, giving gamblers of all types a chance to play the game at a comfortable level. Place a large wager and try for big exciting payouts, or stick with small wagers and go for more minor wins while playing the slot. It’s completely up to you how you wager on this slot game.

A Basic Paytable

Some slot games feature a comprehensive pay table with dozens of different paying prize combinations. This one is simpler. The main prizes involve mermaids or seashells. The pearls themselves are useful tools for unlocking special bonus rounds, but you’ll want to look for specific mermaid symbols to unlock the lucrative prize payouts as you play this slot. Pearls also offer an instant prize payouts if you manage to get between 15 and 25 of them. Get enough and you’ll unlock some impressive payouts. Get familiar with the small selection of prize payouts and you’ll know exactly what to expect with every spin of the reels.

Pearl Shipwreck Bonus Feature

The pearl symbol in this slot has a special purpose of raising up the pearl meter. Each time a pearl shows up on the reels during a play session, another number is added to the pearl meter. Get 300 of the pearls in a single game session and you’ll unlock the shipwreck bonus pick feature. This feature has you pick from one of the spots to unlock a special prize payout. Choose with care and you could trigger some very exciting prize wins with this bonus feature.

Winning with Pearl Free Spins

There’s also a free spin bonus mode that’s activated after reaching 600 on the pearl meter. Once that occurs 10 free games are given to the player where the game gets even more interesting. During the free spins there are only pearl symbols and blank spaces on the different reals. The pearls are randomly worth between 1x and 5x their normal value, making for some very exciting payout opportunities while playing through the free spin bonus round of this slot game.

A Decent RTP

With an RTP of more than 97% this slot game gives players a chance to win some serious cash without having too much trouble getting at least a few decent wins. There’s no guarantee that any players will finish with more money than they started, but there are some gamblers that are better at profiting than others. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is to play high RTP slot games when trying slots. These games offer players a better chance of winning .This slot offers a decent RTP while giving players an enjoyable experience at the same time.

Our Honest Rating

After taking a look at lal the different features that this slot game has to offer, we give it a 3.8 out of 5.0 stars. That’s a pretty respectable rating and we gave it the rating that it received because of a nice blend of features, but some less than exciting prize payouts and fewer wagering options and play options than what other slots offer overall. The game is worth trying, but won’t be right for everyone.

Mid-Sized Wins Possible

Even though it’s not possible to get rich from a single win on this slot, there are some nice prize payouts that are possible. Gamblers can win up to 12,500 coins on a single spin from a single prize winning combination. Getting multiple combinations could result in even better payouts, and this is the sort of thing that makes this slot game fun to play around with.

Fun Play is Possible

When interested in this slot it’s possible to test it out for free. Just visit a casino that offers the game and click on the game to test it out. It should load up right in the web browser and make it simple to start playing for free almost immediately. This makes it simple to test out the slot and decide whether to play it for real money or not. Real money play is more exciting than the free play version of the slot is.

Real Money Play is More Interesting

If you decide that you want to fully experience Mermaid’s Pearls, it’s time to play it using real money. To do this you’ll need to become a member of an online casino and und your account. Once you do those two things you can begin wagering and deciding whether the casino is right for you or not.

Enjoy Good Mobile Support

Since this slot offers instant-play functionality, it’s also an option that will work on most mobile devices as well. The game will load up on a smartphone or tablet in the web browser, which is convenient when you want to wager while on the go. Mermaid’s Pearls is an exciting slot with a nice theme and just the right blend of features and special functions. The game offers plenty of bonuses, it gives gamblers decent prize payouts and just makes slot gambling enjoyable overall. Give it a try to see what so many other players like about it, or take a moment to try out other slots before deciding on a game to test out first.