Heavenly Treasures Slots

Heavenly Treasures is one of the newer slot releases from Realtime Gaming. This game is featured on a 5x5 reel and it comes loaded with some unique features and some pretty basic bonuses as well. The game looks really nice, which is what stood out to us first when testing it out. The background design is breathtaking and gives you a firsthand look at the Chinese countryside. The symbols are all designed with care as well and show real love and dedication toward this slot. Those things don’t make a good slot game though, at least not all the time. That’s why we made a full review of the game down below. Keep reading to find out what this game has going for it other than good looks. It’s an interesting slot and it might be the right game for you if you’re willing to take the time to read through the review yourself.

3,125 Ways to Win

How many slot games have you tried in the past that give you 3,125 different ways to win a prize with every spin? Yeah, we haven’t tested out many either. This slot game is one of the few games that offers so many ways to win. That means nearly every spin you make while playing this slot results in some sort of prize payout. What’s even more impressive about this slot is that it runs as if it has 20 paylines in terms of betting. That means you can wager the minimum by betting just $0.20 per spin. That’s a great value for getting access to 3,125 different ways to win. The maximum wager amount while spinning the reels of this slot is $100.00 per spin, which is a pretty solid upper limit if you are a high roller looking for a game to play around with.

Lots of Prize Opportunities

There are loads of different ways to win prizes while playing this slot game, but the biggest prizes come from getting a large number of symbols out at the same time. The prize payouts for this slot are smaller in size, but the real exciting wins will come from getting several winning combinations at the same time. The top-paying combination is worth just 200 coins, but there are many other winning combos that you can play for as well. With a total of 3,125 ways to win with every spin, multiple prize payouts during a single round is very common and almost expected as you play this game. The trick is getting prize payouts that are substantial enough for you to keep playing without losing money.

The Magic Gems Bonus Feature

The first bonus round that you’ll unlock while playing this slot is the Heavenly Gems feature. Getting 300 of the lantern symbols is what it takes to uncover this bonus. While in this game you’ll be asked to choose random spots. The selections you make determine how much of a prize payout you uncover, which is why it’s important to choose the different options with care to unlock the biggest payouts possible as you play.

Magic Lantern Free Spins

Gather up a total of 600 lantern symbols as you play this slot game and you’ll unlock the free spins bonus round. This special bonus is pretty simple by design and just has you pick a random spot to see how many free spins you’ve won and what multiplier you get. Choose right and you could end up with a very lucrative set of fee games. This bonus round is one of our favorites because you’ll always know how much further you have to go to unlock it. For that reason, we recommend that gamblers keep playing until they get to this bonus round if they can because it can result in some decent0sized prize payouts. The closer you are to triggering this bonus round the more worthwhile it is to continue spinning the reels in hopes that you’ll reach the trigger amount. The only downside to this bonus mechanic is that you can’t get lucky and trigger it in the first couple spins. You have to work for the bonus and you’re less likely to walk away profitable by the time you trigger it. During the free spins you could get up to 2,500x your wager amount with the top prize payout, and that has the potential to be very large with a bit of luck if you’re wagering big at the time.

Huge Potential Prize Wins

If you’re willing to wager the maximum amount while playing Heavenly Treasures you could win as much as $250,000 on a single spin. That’s more than enough money to catch the interest of most gamblers and it’s more than what many other slot games are willing to pay out as well. If you’re looking for a game with big paying opportunities, this wouldn’t be a bad one to consider for that very reason.

It Runs on Most Devices

There’s no reason to sit behind the screen of a computer just because you want to place wagers on a slot game. Not when so many games today will run on smartphones and tablets just fine. This is one of those games and it will operate just as smoothly on a little smartphone as it does on a computer screen. Because of that you can take it with you wherever you like and place bets conveniently on the go.

It’s Designed with New Gamblers in Mind

Everything about Heavenly Treasures suggests the game was made with new gamblers in mind. The layout of the game is simple and so is wagering and deciding how to play the slot. After you get the game going it’s possible to play it for free in demo mode or to play it for real money. No matter what sort of gambler you are, you should be able to set up this game to play in a way that you enjoy. That’s the benefit of trying this slot.

Heavenly Treasures is an entertaining online slot game with a boatload of features for you to look forward to. The game pays out in a big way with its different bonus rounds and its top prize payouts. If you want a slot where you know when the bonus rounds are going to kick in, you’ll get a lot of enjoyment out of this slot game. Give it a try today and get to know this Chinese themed slot for yourself.