Halloween Treasures Slots

Realtime Gaming went all out when making Halloween Treasures because they wanted to make a slot that looks nice and plays better. We were impressed by the symbols and the animations used in this slot game. Both stand out for their style and for making this slot feel more immersive and interactive. This newer slot game is a lot of fun around the holidays, but that doesn't make it one of the top progressive jackpot slots available today. We decided to make a full review of this game to decide if we really like it or not. Find out more about our experience below.

A Fun Halloween Experience

Halloween Treasures is an exciting online slot game that's the most enjoyable when played around Halloween time. Whether you're just getting ready to celebrate the holiday, or you're searching for a slot game with a fun theme, this game has a lot to offer. It comes with a mix of special features that keep it interesting and it offers free spins, multiplier wilds and more as you spin the reels. This game also pays you more for bigger wagers so you will want to maximize your bets while playing for the best results.

243 Ways to Win with Odd Wager Amounts

This slot gives every player 243 different ways to win per spin. Wagering is odd though. That's because gamblers must place wagers as if there are a total of 88 paylines while the yare betting. That means the lowest wager possible is $0.88. The highest wager available is just $8.80, which isn't very much for gamblers looking to win big. If you can comfortably bet within that range of extremes this slot offers a good value for your wagers. If you don't want to spend at least $0.88 per spin, or you want to wager much higher than the maximum amount you will likely be disappointed with what this slot game has to offer you.

Wins Get Bigger with Help from the Multiplier Wild

The wild gravestone symbol appears only on the central reel of this slot. When it's there it will take the place of all the other symbols in the game and increase the chance of unlocking a winning combination of symbols. This special symbol also comes with a multiplier between 1x and 5x depending on your wager amount. Big bets come with the biggest chances to win big in this game and the wild is just one example of that.

The Paytable is Modest but Golden Symbols are Important

The larger your wager the more golden symbols that are activated in this slot. By placing larger wagers you make the symbols of this slot more valuable in a big way. The highest prize payout worth 600 coins is only available when you wager the maximum amount of money. The next most valuable symbol is worth 300 coins and is only available when it's golden. All the big prize payouts are only available when their symbols are golden so it pays to bet big in this slot game.

High Paying Free Spins

Getting three or more of the crystal ball symbols will take you straight to the free spin bonus round. While in that round you'll enjoy 12 free games. During those games, all the low-paying symbols are eliminated. That leaves you with just the more valuable symbols to spin for. If you have a maximum wager in place all those symbols will be golden as well, which means you could be in for some seriously good prize wins with a bit of luck on your side. It's possible to re-trigger this bonus round if you get three or more of the crystal ball symbols once again as you go through this bonus round.

Win a Variety of Progressive Jackpot Payouts

There are four different progressive jackpot prizes that you can win while playing this slot, but only the larger jackpots become available when you bet a larger amount of money. To win these jackpots you must make it into the Halloween Jackpot feature. This feature is triggered over time as you play the slot, and once it is you need to select three of the same jackpot coins as you flip over discs. There will be 12 discs in all and the first three identical discs you flip over is for the jackpot that you'll trigger. Choose wisely and you could come away with a nice jackpot payout from this bonus feature.

We Really Enjoyed This Slot Game

After testing out all the features of this slot we couldn't help but like the game. It doesn't give out massive prize payouts, but the features more than make up for the smaller prize payouts. If you give this game some time, you'll have dozens of different opportunities to unlock prize combinations, jackpots and more. There's always something happening that could help you win big and you'll find yourself coming back for more as you play.

it Runs Smooth on Mobile Phones

One of the best ways to tell just how modern a slot game is is to try and run it on a mobile device. If the game loads up and runs smoothly it's a well-optimized and new slot. If it doesn't run or requires a software download, it isn't a great option for mobile gamblers. This game runs smoothly on most devices that you want to throw it on, which makes it a great value for interested gamblers.

Try it Free or Play for Real

If you're the type of gambler that wants to get right into the thick of things and try winning money immediately you can do that with this slot game. With that said, if you would rather take things slow and test out the features of the slot before you risk any money, you can do that as well. The game offers a demo mode you can make use of as much as you like. Decide how you want to play before loading up the slot and then test it out just the way you prefer.

Halloween Treasures is a thrilling online slot game that's well worth playing during the holiday season. If you're searching for a new slot to try out and you like Halloween, give this a try. You'll fall in love with at least a few of the features in this game and might even decide this is your new favorite.