Cubee The Travel Adventure Slots

If you’re tired of turning reels and looking for high-paying symbol combinations, start spinning and defeating enemies with a little adventurer named Cubee in a unique slot experience. Cubee the Travel Adventure is a unique slot that incudes combat, time travel and some very unique gameplay mechanics for a wagering game. Three is still pretty standard wagering, but everything else about the slot game is very different. From the moment we started testing this slot we were impressed by what it has to offer, and we detail all that we learned during our testing period down below. Read on to learn if this is the slot for you, and to find out what you can expect when you play this game.

Power Levels are Important

Each time you spin Cubee’s power level changes. His power level determines what enemies he can beat and what sort of payout you’re going to get. Energy balls show up during spins as well, and each energy ball raises his power level by one. The lowest enemies can be defeated by Cubee immediately, but he will need energy balls to take out any more of the enemies. One ball raises his power level by one, letting him take out the next most difficult enemy. You are paid based on the number of enemies he can defeat out of eight possible options. Get all eight during a round and you’ll win 40x your total wager amount for the round.

Your Betting Options

As a player in this slot you have lots of betting options available, you can play for a small amount and wager as little as $0.20 per spin. You can also step things up and wager as much as $50.00 per spin. Select an amount that you’re comfortable with and play from there. Bet big and enjoy big payout opportunities. Bet small and make your bankroll last for longer.

Each Bet Amount Saves Your Progress

When choosing a wager amount you must choose with care, because you’ll want to stick with that amount for as long as you can. Your wager amount determines how much you win and lose with each spin, but your progress is also saved to a specific wager amount. That means if you switch to a different wager, you lose all your progress that you gained so far, which puts you away from the bonuses.

Accumulating Bonuses

The base game of Cubee doesn’t offer massive payouts, but can be good for smaller profits. Things get much more interesting when you make it to Cubeland and trigger high-paying bonuses. To do that you’ll have to complete your journey and gather some bonus perks along the way. You can gather free spins during the Age of Piracy, and build up a multiplier bonus during the Age of Vikings. To get to either of those rounds you’ll need lots of weapon symbols to lower Rocco’s health until you beat him for each individual time period.

Beating Rocco once will bring you to the Age of Piracy. Once there you can save up free spins by getting cannon symbols. Defeat Rocco a second time and you’ll be in the Viking Age where you can collect bows and arrows to save up a multiplier. Beat him a third time and you’ll be in Cubeland where you can redeem all your bonuses. This is the time for you to utilize powerful multipliers and free spins to win as much as you possibly can. You can complete this journey quickly, but if you get stuck going through the time periods a bit more slowly that gives you time to build up a bigger bonus round.

No matter how your journey goes with Cubee, you’re sure to have an unforgettable gambling experience each time you test out this slot game. It’s a lot of fun and offers some excellent payment opportunities. If you want a new game to try, and Cubee sounds interesting, we recommend you give it a try. It’s a slot like no other.