Aliens RTG Slots

If you're a fan of aliens and creatures out in space you will surely find something to enjoy in the slot collection offered by Realtime Gaming. There are plenty of space-theme or alien-themed games to play around with, and some of them are absolutely charming to mess about with. We were particularly impressed with very unique slots such as Cubee and had to make a list of some of our favorites. Have a read through our list of our absolute favorites and learn what you can expect if you try out some of the different alien slots from Realtime Gaming.

Head Outta This World

If you're after a good solid slot experience with aliens, Outta This World is a game for you to take a look at. The slot is pretty simple at first glance. It has aliens, planets, rockets and more that all fit the space theme. The game has a random progressive jackpot, some nice wild features and a decent bonus round, and it's all these extra features that make it interesting to play.

During your time with Outta this World you'll come to enjoy the expanding wilds that appear on every other reel. They expand to take up all the positions at once. The scatters are wonderful as well and work to activate a bonus game when on reels 2 and 4, while giving you a chance at their impressive 500x prize payout. If you're fortunate enough to unlock the bonus round you get to pick from the different planets in hopes of winning free spins and prize payouts. Any free spins are played with a 2x prize payout multiplier letting you win up to 15,000 coins from the top fixed jackpot. Outta This World is a simple slot, but the additional features make it exciting and worthwhile to play around with. Give it a try and you might be impressed like we are with the game.

Try Cubee For Something New

There are no other slot games out there like Cubee The Travel Adventure. This interdimensional alien-battling space game is exciting, fun and doesn't feel much like a slot game at all. With each spin you fight a horde of enemies and the number you defeat determines your total prize payout. With every round you get a power level from 1 to 4, each orb symbol you find during a round increases your power level by 1, and getting 3 allows you to defeat all the enemies. There is also a weapon symbol in each round that will attack your main enemy. Collect enough weapons to deplete his life and you'll travel to the next stage of the game!

Cubee offers impressive prize payouts, but the really big wins come from the special bonus round that you trigger once your journey is complete. Speaking of journeys, you can wager between $0.10 and $5.00 per spin, but decide how much to play for in the beginning because you will start over from the very beginning if you adjust the amount up or down. As you travel through the Pirate and Viking stages you will build up free spins and multipliers that will reward you once you make it to the final stage of Cubee. Try and play that long whenever you can, because that's where the biggest wins occur. Cubee is a lot of fun, but it does seem to pay out a bit less than traditional slots do. Even still, we highly recommend you give slot game a try at least once in your life.

We were immensely impressed by the originality of Cubee when testing out different RTG slots, but also enjoyed the traditional look and feel of Outta this World and the pretty impressive bonus features worked into the slot. Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed what these slots have to offer and most alien slot fans will.