Fire Dragon Slots

Fire Dragon is a movie-based slot game that is linked to an old Jackie Chan movie. The slot game appears to e that classic hero and villain struggle that we have all come to love from Jackie Cahn, and it manages to combine decent graphics and solid features together to create something to get excited about. Even if you aren’t overly excited y the look of this slot game there should be something tat you like about this slot experience. That’s why we made a complete review of this slot for others.

Learn More About Fire Dragon

Fire Dragon isn’t just a movie-based slot, it’s an exciting prize-winning opportunity. Fan or not, you will have many chances to win big while playing Fire Dragon, and you’ll get to see Jackie Chan while doing it. There is a lot to love about this slot game ,and most of those things are based on the features of the game.

The Slot Developer

Fire Dragon was created by Realtime Gaming, one of the biggest slot developers around the world today. The slot is one of many different Jackie Chan slot games that they have to offer, and it’s certain to rely on the software company’s excellent design skills and feature development to offer an enjoyable wagering experience to players.

Testing with Demo Play

There’s no reason to even commit to liking Fire Dragon until you’ve tested it for yourself. That’s because Realtime Gaming makes it possible to play this slot game without paying any money to do so. Many casinos that offer the game make it possible to load up the slot game and play in free play mode without spending any money. This is the perfect introduction to the slot and should help you get comfortable with the game without risking any of your real money in the process.

The Fire Dragon Slot Theme

Fire Dragon is based on an older Jackie Chan movie, which means that it features the cheesy villains and all of the beautiful settings that the movies are known for. From the moment that you begin playing this slot game you’ll encounter all sorts of themes from the set and have a chance to unlock some exciting prizes as well.

Enjoyable Game Design

Fire Dragon is built for a positive gambling experience. From the moment you begin playing the game is simple to understand with ample features and specials to keep things interesting. If you’re looking for a high-quality slot game to experience, and you don’t mind playing something with a Jackie Chan theme, you can have a lot of fun with this slot.

A Progressive Jackpot Slot Game

There is a pretty impressive progressive jackpot listed at the top of the screen as you play this slot. This jackpot gives you a chance to win thousands, and it triggers at random. The completely random jackpot could trigger at any time, and that’s an added element that makes the slot a bit more enjoyable to play around with.

Standard Paylines

There are 20 total paylines in Fire Dragon and it is up to you to decide how many of those lines you want to wager on as you play the slot game. You can play on between 1 and 20 paylines overall, which is a pretty standard setup for modern-day slot games. Some slots have more paylines, and others have less, but 20 is a good solid number to work with for most players.

Unimpressive Maximum Wagering Limits

One of the first things you’ll have to do before you begin playing Fire Dragon is decide how much money you want to wager. There are many different options to choose from, but you are limited to the lower wagering range. If you like betting at the low end you will enjoy being able to wager as little as $0.01 per spin. If you like wagering at the high end you might be disappointed to learn that $1.00 per line is the upper limit, or just $20.00 per spin. That’s still a decent amount, but not much for a high roller looking to risk thousands.

Standout Prizes from the Paytable

The slot offers some pretty standard prize payouts during the base game, with a chance at some solid jackpot payouts. If you’re looking to become rich, you won’t do it from the base wins in this slot though. Most prize payouts will be in the 10’s or 100’s, but there are rare wins that pay more than that.

Playing the Bonus Round

There is just a single special bonus round in this slot game and that’s the free spin round. Getting three scatters is all you need to trigger the round, and once you do you’ll enjoy an increased chance to win big as you go through the free spins.

Enjoying the Free Spin Bonus

Get three or more scatters and you’ll unlock a total of 10 free games. During this special feature you have better chances than ever to win big from the slot game. During the round you’ll enjoy a multiplier on your wins and you’ll have slightly improved chances of winning prize payouts in general. The slot game is a lot of fun because of this feature, but only if you make the most of it when it triggers.

Fire Dragon’s RTP

Because this slot game is still so new, it’s unclear what RTP or return to player is offered by the game just yet. If it’s to be anything like the past Realtime Gaming slots it should be quite favorable and a bonus for playing this slot rather than a downside.

The Slot Rating

We were very impressed with the look, feel and performance of Fire Dragon and give the slot a 4.0 out of 5.0. The game is fun, it looks nice and there are large enough prize payout opportunities to make you want to keep playing. Sure, we wish the standard prize payouts were larger, but there is enough to like about the game it make it worth playing without question.

Big Winners from Fire Dragon

Whenever you play Fire Dragon you have a chance to win as much as 50,000 times your line bet amount. That makes for a pretty compelling prize payout and it’s enough to excite most gamblers. If you are fortunate enough to get a big win from this slot game, it makes it even more enjoyable to play around with. Give this slot a try and you’ll quickly realize that there are some real big wins possible. You could end up being the next big winner that had a good experience with Fire Dragon.

Playing for Free

There’s no reason to play this slot game for real money if you aren’t comfortable doing so. There are plenty of opportunities to play Fire Dragon for completely free. The slot is simple to access and you can experience all the features that the game has to offer without ever risking any of your own money. That makes the game even more compelling to some gamblers, and it means that you can get comfortable with the game and what it offers without ever risking any of your own money in the process.

Betting Real Money

There’s nothing like the thrill of real money wagers placed down on a slot game, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with Fire Dragon if you want. You can play for real money on this slot at any approved RTG casino. There are many online sites that you can play at, and when you start playing for real money you’ll quickly realize just how much you can win. This brings the excitement of Fire Dragon to life, and lets you experience the adrenaline rush that the slot game offers.

Experience Fire Dragon on Mobile

Being a game created by RTG, Fire Dragon runs smoothly on most mobile devices. Whether you have Android, iOS, or another modern mobile device, you should be able to get the slot to run right in your web browser. It’s easy to do and you’ll be enjoying the game just like you would on a full-sized computer. If you are looking for a slot game that’s entertaining and exciting, you’ll quickly fall in love with what Fire Dragon offers to gamblers that like to gamble on the move.

Fire Dragon is an entertaining online slot game and there are plenty of reasons to give the game a try. If you’re searching for an entertaining slot game that you can easily bring with you where you go, this is the one. If you happen to like Jackie Chan, you’ll enjoy this slot game even more.