Dogzilla Slots

Dogzilla is a dog-themed online slot game created by Realtime Gaming. This unique slot is a lot of fun but it’s a bit overwhelming at first. We were drawn in by the fun symbols and all the different progressive jackpots, but it’s really the bonus rounds that you’ll be staying for after you’re properly acquainted with this slot game. Take a bit of time to get familiar with this slot and you’ll fall in love with all that it has to offer. While it takes some time to get used to, you’ll be likely to fall in love with this slot with a bit of testing. Fortunately you can test it for free. Read through our full review down below, or just test this game for yourself now.

A Complicated Layout

We were immediately overwhelmed when looking at this slot game. That’s because the controls for the game are everywhere. There are so many different buttons that it’s difficult to decide what all of them are for. Even though this game can be confusing at first, or at least a bit overwhelming, it’s simpler than it seems and a decent game for new gamblers. If you can get past the layout after a quick glance you should be able to get good solid results with this slot game.

Miniscule Wagering Limitations

The main thing we don’t like about this slot will only be an issue for gamblers that like to place larger wagers and that’s the maximum wager limit. There are 25 adjustable paylines in this slot, and you can wager between $0.01 and $0.25 on each of them. That’s not that big of a range to work with and means you can only wager a limit of $6.25 per spin while playing this game. That’s not a whole lot of cash and certainly not something to get excited about if you’re a high roller. With that said, you can wager a minimum of $0.01 which makes this game excellent for low stakes gamblers that want more control while wagering at the low levels.

Loads of Speed Options and Advanced Autoplay

If you’re a gambler that likes to customize your play experience to a high degree there are many options to work with in this slot. The adjustment that stood out most to us was the different speed options. There are five different speed settings from very slow to very fast. This makes it easy to choose the exact pace that you want this slot to play at no matter how you like to wager. The game also has quick autospin buttons for 5, 10 or 25 spins. It comes with an advanced autoplay feature if you want to customize everything about your autospins to keep the game going until you want it to stop. With all these options you can configure the game to work the way you want it to, which is nice compared to more restrictive slots.

There are Random Jackpots You Can Win

This progressive jackpot slot game offers you a wide range of progressive jackpots that you can win. There are three jackpots that can all be triggered at random while you spin the reels. They start out at less than $100 and work up into the thousands of dollars depending on the one you win. These can pay out anytime, so keep spinning and hoping to get lucky while playing this slot.

Smaller Prize Wins

While glancing at the paytable for Dogzilla we weren’t overly impressed by the prize payouts. The biggest win is worth just 750 coins while you can get up to 200x your total wager with scatter symbols helping out. Either way, this isn’t a whole lot of cash for a single spin. It’s all the bonuses that make this game exciting to play and you’ll find yourself waiting for one of those high-paying bonus rounds to get triggered as you play this slot.

The Dogzilla Goes Wild Bonus Round

When you get three or more of the scatter symbols you’ll trigger the special Dogzilla Goes Wild bonus feature. In this special feature, you get 10 free games where an extra dog gets added to the reels before each spin. By the end of the bonus, the game is loaded with dog symbols. Also, during this bonus round the Atom symbol becomes very important. When it shows itself on the first reel all the dog symbols on the reels get transformed into 3x wilds that can reward you with massive prize payouts. The atom symbol also converts itself into one of many different random symbols before the prize payouts are determined. It’s possible to re-trigger this special bonus a single time for up to 5 additional free games during this feature.

The Double Dogzilla Feature

Getting three or more scatters could also trigger the Double Dogzilla bonus feature. In this feature, you get eight free spins and a 2x multiplier on any prize payouts that you trigger. During those bonus spins, there is a full reel of dog wilds that moves around randomly. Each spin comes with one reel of wilds that could help you win even more, but you’ll never know which reel it’s going to be. Either way, this bonus offers some seriously good prize-winning opportunities.

Load up this Slot Anywhere

This game will work on Android and iOS devices both and will run right in your web browser. That makes it convenient to bring with you everywhere you go. Not only can you play this game on any mobile device you like, but you can also decide to play for free or real money depending on how you want to experience the game. Free play is a fun way to get to know the game without any real risk, but it’s not nearly as exciting. Real money play is the more exciting way and will give you a chance to win some real cash prizes but you will have to take the risk of spinning with real money the entire time.

Dogzilla is a good solid slot game and a strong option from Realtime Gaming. We won’t recommend this game to everyone though. It’s good for players that like high-powered bonus rounds and waiting around for the bonuses to be triggered. Players that want to get solid wins during the standard spins will want to look elsewhere for other slot games instead.