Fat Cat Cafe Slots

Fat Cat Café is one of our favorite new slot games that we’ve tested out recently. This game is loaded with special features and shows off a cute theme all at the same time. The game pays out rewards based on a fun cluster prize system and has a cascade system that leads to some seriously good multipliers. Learn more about all these unique features below in our full slot review.

A Slot Set in a Bakery

From the moment you begin playing this slot game, you’ll be charmed by all the nicely drawn pastries, pies, and donuts that show up on the screen. These symbols are fun to look at and they don’t get old very quickly. The nice appearance of this slot is just the first of many pleasant qualities that we noticed about it as we tested it out.

Leverage Cascading Symbols for More Wins

Each time that you unlock a cluster of symbols they explode apart revealing a prize payout. When that happens the symbols vanish and create a void for the symbols above to fall down into. It’s possible to get multiple prize payouts in a single play session with help from this feature, and that’s also the key to unlocking the multiplier feature of this slot game during the base rounds. Each time symbols fall away and you get another prize paying combination of symbols the multiplier increases by 1x up to a possible of 6x in a single turn. Continue triggering additional prizes from the cascade feature during the same round to climb up to impressive multipliers and unlock exciting prizes as well.

Decent Prize Payout Opportunities

If you take a look at the paytable for this slot game you may be disappointed to see that the payouts only go as high as 500 coins for a single prize combination. That’s not very exciting at first glance, but it becomes much more exciting when you consider the potential cascade multiplier that you can get on that top prize. Get up to the 6x multiplier and trigger the top prize payout to get a whopping 3,000 coins on a single symbol combination. Now think about unlocking several prize payouts during a single round from the cascade feature and you can see how it has the potential to really add up while playing this slot but you’ll need to get eight or more of the top symbol to get these big wins.

Coffee Wilds Lead to More Wins

The coffee symbol is the wild in this slot and takes the place of everything other than the cat symbols. That means with help from the coffee symbols you will unlock some impressive prize payouts. Wilds show up on all the reels and they lead to prizes often.

The Cat Symbols have Special functions

The different cat symbols don’t award prizes but clear out symbols instead. These special symbols are very valuable because they wait to clear away symbols until after all the prize payouts are awarded. You can get symbols that clear single rows or columns, a cluster of symbols or a row and column at the same time. Once the symbols are cleared away new ones fall down to take their place and potentially form new prize payouts as well.

Choose from a Variety of Wager Amounts

While playing this slot game you have the option to wager at high or low levels depending on what you’re most interested in. The high limits of this slot are very impressive and are sure to bring in high rollers looking to wager tens of thousands of dollars in a play session. At the lowest level, you can wager $2.00 per spin, which is higher than many low-stakes gamblers are going to want to risk. At the high end, you can wager as much as $3,000 per spin which is stunning for serious gamblers looking for massive wins.

Utilize the Basic Autoplay Tool

The simple button next to the standard spin feature unlocks the autoplay feature of this slot game. With the menu open you can choose between 5 and 100 spins with the fixed settings. Once your selection is made the slot game will begin spinning on its own and give you the opportunity to unlock some exciting prize wins in the process.

Try it Free

While getting to know a new slot game it’s easier to lose money. This is true for this slot as well, but it doesn’t have to cost you real money. While getting to know this game and its different features, you can try it out for free. While in free mode the slot will work the same as it always does. The only difference is that you’ll be playing with pretend money the whole time. this means you can try to unlock exciting wins, and if you do you’ll be rewarded with pretend money as well.

A Mobile Optimized Slot Game

Like playing slots on your smartphone? It’s possible to play Fat Cat Café while on the go very conveniently. The game is designed to run in a web browser and it will play on most mobile devices very easily. Load it up on your smartphone and play wherever you are. It’s convenient and it runs surprisingly well.

We love the look and functionality of Fat Cat Café slot. This game is loaded with special features that keep things interesting as you play. After just a few rounds you’ll start looking forward to all the special functions of the game and trying for the big prize combinations as you turn the reels.