Rudolph Awakens Slots

Rudolph Awakens is the perfect holiday slot game crafted by Realtime Gaming. This slot features a host of holiday symbols that all appear in front of reels with a snowy backdrop that's clearly in a northern location. This slot is designed to be entertaining and rewarding without being too complicated. The result is a game that's fun to play, just rewarding enough and worth spending some time with. Give this slot a try for yourself, or take a moment and read our review to see how it was for us.

An Entertaining Theme

Rudolph Awakens is one of the most entertaining slot games that we've played in a long time. From the moment you begin playing this slot you'll be looking at Santa Clause, Rudolph who's frozen in a block of ice, penguins, elves and Mrs. Clause who's dressed to impress. These fun symbols add life to the slot while giving you several different prizes to play for as you spin the reels.

A Standard Video Slot by Realtime Gaming

There are many progressive jackpot games out there today, but this slot game doesn't offer those same features. Instead, it's a simple video slot with one built-in bonus feature and no growing jackpots to worry about. The lack of progressive jackpots doesn't keep this game from being exciting, it just makes it different than the many other games available today.

A Low Stakes Game

There are 30 fixed paylines in Rudolph Awakens and these lines won't accept very large wager amounts at all. For that reason, this slot is really only appropriate for low-stakes gamblers and nobody else. If you prefer wagering more than $3.00 per spin, you won't have a good time with this slot game. That's because the upper limit is just $3.00. If you don't mind keeping your wager amount below that upper limit you have a good range of low-value wagers that you can put in place while enjoying this slot game. For instance, you could turn on just a single payline and risk as little as $0.01 per spin while playing this game. To up the intensity of this slot game you could turn on up to 30 paylines and raise your wager slowly all the way to the maximum amount at little intervals all the way there.

Win up to 50,000 Coins

Big wins aren't all that common in this slot game, but when you win big you can win really big. That's because the top prize payout is worth 50,000 coins. To get this you will need to unlock several different winning symbol combinations at the same time, but it's still a huge amount of money for just a $3.00 wager. Set this amount in position when starting with this slot game and you could win thousands of dollars from the maximum prize payout.

Most Payouts are Smaller

The paytable isn't going to make you feel like you could get rich by playing this slot game. Instead, it's going to show you just a few worthwhile prize payouts and a bunch of prizes that are smaller in size than you might like. This slot game is designed to pay out prizes frequently, but most of those prizes are small in size. That will appeal to some players and turn others away. We didn't mind it during testing though and still came away with some decent wins over time.

The Rudolph Awakens Bonus Feature

Whenever the Rudolph wild symbol shows up and covers the central reel of this slot you'll unlock the Rudolph Awakens bonus feature. In this bonus you get 10 free spins and anytime a wild appears partially on the reel it's nudged fully into position to get you full coverage. Wilds take time to melt away and you'll be sitting around for several rounds waiting for the wilds to melt away. That means you'll enjoy several free spins with the wilds in position and you'll have a chance to collect some more wilds along the way too. If you get the Extra Games symbol on bot the first and last reels at any time during the bonus rounds you'll get 3 extra free spins. You can get this up to three times for an additional 9 free games while playing this bonus game.

Try it Free

If you want to get to know this slot game go ahead and do it, it won't cost you anything at all! That's because the game is offered in Demo mode just like all the other Realtime Gaming slots. You can load it at the casino and start playing it without risking any money. If you decide to do that you'll still get a good idea of how the slot works and what you can expect from the slot, you just won't be able to win any real money in the process. That might seem like a letdown, but it doesn't take away from the fun of playing this slot in any way. Give it a try for yourself and you'll quickly see why other gamblers pick this game up around the holidays. When you're ready to risk real money you can swap over to real money play instead and keep having a good time.

Rudolph Awakens is Designed for Mobile

There's no reason to invest in a computer just to do a bit of online gambling, not when games like this one work just fine on a smartphone. Even with the smaller screen, you should be able to see all the buttons and make selections to play the game. It will run in your web browser and you can enjoy all the features of the slot game without bothering to download anything at all. Best of all, there aren't many compatibility issues for you to worry about so you can swap between your devices freely while playing this game and many others from Realtime Gaming.

Rudolph Awakens isn't a life-changing slot game that's going to introduce you to all-new features or anything like that. It is a fun gambling experience that you could benefit by sitting down and testing out for a while though. If you're curious about this slot game at all, take a moment to get more familiar with its features and decide for yourself if you like it enough to stick with it or not.