Honey to the Bee Slots

We’ve played around with words there, referring to the idea of getting busy playing with this slot game from RTG. It’s a good one, and there are some interesting symbols included in the game. While animal-themed slots are quite common online today, you won’t find too many involving bees.

That alone makes this one sound appealing, but will it offer some sweet, sweet prizes for you to win?

How many reels and lines are in play?

There are five reels and 20 lines in store for you here, so we get off to a nice easy start.

What can you bet on the slot?

If you like playing penny slots, Honey to the Bee does fall into that category. We can also try playing for far higher bets, with a five-dollar maximum playable on each line.

Does Honey to the Bee have special icons?

Watch for the worker bee to appear. This is a substitute and will replace most of the other things you will see on those reels. The exception is the hive, which is used as a scatter symbol. The worker bee could work especially hard if five appear, because this is the trigger for the jackpot of 5,000 coins… but only if they all appear on the same paid line. Any prize won with the aid of a single worker bee is doubled in value.

Can you reach one or more bonus rounds?

If you find the worker bee spinning into place on the reels with one or more hives in the same spin, you’ll win 15 free games. All prizes are doubled without hesitation in this feature. And the same trigger is active during the free spins too, so you can win more if you are able to find the two together again in a spin.

Download and play Honey to the Bee now!

This one has a nice theme and even though bees can sting in life, they won’t sting you here. Not only are they helpful when you are looking for prizes, they might also reward you with a random jackpot. You’ll see the current amount in play above the reels. There’s no way of knowing what the trigger might be, so you must hope any spin you make could be the lucky one to drop that amount into your account. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful way to play?