T-Rex Slots

T-Rex Slots
Some say that dinosaurs existed and ruled the world and others just don't believe it. Whether you believe it or not this five reel twenty five payline slots will definitely get you thinking about these incredible creatures that lived hundreds of years ago and will turn you into a believer if you are not one. There are five reels and twenty five paylines to this prehistoric slots game that also gives players a chance to win a random progressive jackpot when playing the real money game. The random progressive jackpot can be won at any time in the real money mode and is given at the end of a spin. Every real money bet that is placed in this game contributes a small portion to the jackpot hence its dynamic growth.

The Wild and Lovable T-Rex

The namesake of the game is the wild symbol that is a rather imposing creature and also a rather rewarding creature. This T-Rex awards players high payouts when two or more appear on one of the paylines. Two of the T-Rex symbols award players 25 coins, three of the T-Rex symbols award players 250 coins, four of the T-Rex symbols award players 2500 coins and five of the T-Rex symbols award players 10000 coins.

Scattering the Eggs

The dinosaur egg is the scatter symbol awarding players multiplying payouts if four or five appear on the screen in addition to the feature of the game. Four of the dinosaur eggs award players 10x the coin bet and the feature and five of the dinosaurs award players 200x the coin bet placed plus the feature. The feature presents the player with three eggs and the player is invited to choose an egg or eggs depending on the number of triggers. Each egg chosen gives the player up to 10 free spins during which the T-Rex appearing can eat other symbols and animals on the screen giving the player more wild options and hence more wins. There is nothing to be scared about with this colorful T-Rex creature that actually has a friendly face and is also very rewarding together with its egg and the random progressive jackpot.